12 Vegetarian Tastes of Xmas for Christmas Day

I love Christmas for many reasons – you can read my A-Z with 46 things to love about Christmas – but I do believe that food and drink are some of the best things about the festive season, and here are some of our favourite vegetarian dishes that we'll be enjoying this Christmas Day.

what to make for vegetarians on christmas day

12 Vegetarian Tastes of Xmas for Christmas Day

Traditional foods and drinks are what many of us look forward to the most when the festive season comes around each year. While we enjoy spending time with our loved ones during Christmas, the festive season is also all about taking the time to indulge in delicious food.

But as a split vegan, vegetarian, meat-eating household our Christmas day is not always fully traditional. Here’s what the veggies will be eating this year. Simply click on the blue links for the recipes!

Christmas Morning

1. Banana Pancakes

Christmas morning is such a special time with children. Last year banana pancakes were a hit so that’s what we’ll be having again this year.

what to cook for vegetarians on christmas day - banana pancakes

Christmas Dinner

2. Soup

I always make two kinds, leek and potato and Tomato and lentil. The adults love Leek and Potato and it has become a tradition and the kids love tomato and lentil. We usually eat this course first between 12 noon and 1pm, and then retire back to playing with a toy and presents before embarking on our Christmas Dinner.

what to make for vegetarians on christmas day - tomato soup

3. Vegetarian Nut Roast

Christmas dinner comes later, around 3pm so we don’t get too full. The meat-eaters enjoy their turkey and pigs in blankets, but as the chef is veggie, our Christmas table has great options for non-meat eaters and its usually a home-made vegetarian nut roast – which I’ve got to say the meat-eaters often want to steal! Accompanies by yummy vegetables, veggie stuffing and roast potatoes.

vegetarian nut roast alternative christmas dinner

4. Christmas Crumble

After a big Christmas Dinner we are often too full for Xmas Pud so we’ve found a Christmas Crumble just as tasty but a lot lighter to finish off the meal.

christmas crumble instead of xmas pud

After Dinner

5. Fudge

If our guests still have any room then an indulgent piece of homemade chocolate fudge is just the perfect after dinner treat.

after dinner homemade chocolate fudge

Christmas Tea or Boxing Day Buffet

We may not be able to manage it all on Christmas Day for tea but alongside turkey and nut roast sandwiches, we’ll be having these yummy treats. But if we don’t manage them they’ll be ready for our relaxing Boxing Day.

6. Rudolph Gingerbread

A great one to get the kids to help with.

Rudolph gingerbread recipe

7. Pizza Swirl Trees – Cranberry & Brie

Although savoury these taste like you are having a sweet treat.

stilton spinach mushroom xmas trees

8. Pizza Swirls Trees – Stilton, Spinach and Mushroom

More for the grown-ups but these are delicious.

cranberry brie pizza swirls

9. Hummus

So easy to make and universally liked by nearly everyone – flavour it how you wish.

how to make hummus

10. Dairy-Free Nacho Cheesy Dip

The kids actually think this is cheese.

dairy free nacho cheesy dip

11. Figs and Blue Cheese

Again more for adults but these are so good.

figs and stilton

12. Christmas Cake

Can’t forget the Christmas cake. Last years was beautifully decorated by the boys with zombie snowmen!

quick and easy no soak christmas cake recipe

What is your favourite Christmas food?

Deb x

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what to make for vegetarians on christmas day