28 April 2017

Free Family Events and Activities in North East England in May

The month of May. One of the best months of the year. Many of our family were born in this month so we have a lot of celebrating to do. As well as the current UK Prime Minister being called May, apparently 9 UK prime ministers were actually born in May, which is more than any other month. Maybe one day one of us will be PM!

May also gives us two Bank Holiday Weekends, another week of school holidays and it really starts to get warmer, lighter and we all start feeling better. To celebrate here are some of the FREE family events and activities taking place in and around North East England in May, including Northumberland, North Tyneside, Newcastle, Gateshead, South Tyneside, Durham and Teesside.

Free Family Events and Activities in North East England in May

If you know of any other free events please email them to me and I’ll add them to the list.

27 April 2017

7 Tips on How to Protect Your Hair in the Summer Months (AD)

The warmth of summer is always welcome. Longer days, plenty of sunshine, peeling away the layers of clothing are part and parcel of life with winter behind us for another year.

Heat and the sun make us feel so much better about ourselves but, the effects of the summer are somewhat tempered with a heavy dose of reality when we look in the mirror: overly dry hair, damaged by the sun, chlorine from days at the pool and salt water from days at the beach.

Fortunately, all it takes is a few changes and creating your own summer hair care routine to save your luscious locks from the dreaded summer dull-and-lifeless droop.

26 April 2017

Quick and Easy No-Cook Tasty Snack Bars - Perfect for Adults and Childrens Lunch Boxes

Now that many of us of trying to be more and more careful about what we eat, it’s a lot easier to find quick, convenient, and healthy little snacks readily available in supermarkets. 

However, they do come at a cost and the healthiest bars are not always the cheapest.

Did you know that it is really easy to make your own? A healthy treat, largely made from fruit takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. Something halfway between an apple and a chocolate bar, also handily sized for a lunch box and packed with energy in the form of good fats and natural sugar.

24 April 2017

Getting the Boys Writing for National Stationery week (REVIEW)

National Stationery Week runs 24 April - 30 April 2017, when the UK will celebrate its passion for handwriting and all things stationery. I think this is an important initiative. Writing is just as important as ever, and to help get involved we have been sent a big box of stationery.

National Stationery Week runs 24 April- 30 April 2017, in which the UK will celebrate its passion for handwriting and all things stationery.

21 April 2017

Have a Whale of a Time on the Way to Amsterdam

Did you know how much wildlife can be spotted from on board the passenger ferry in the North Sea?

From dolphins to whales to birds, you’ll be amazed how many there are. We attended a recent event onboard to learn more about it, and you will be able to learn all about the wildlife that lives in the North Sea too if you are sailing from Newcastle to Amsterdam on the DFDS King Seaways ferry, on a marine wildlife mini cruise. 

From dolphins to whales to birds, you’ll be amazed how many there are. And you can learn all about the wildlife that lives in the North Sea as you sail from Newcastle to Amsterdam on the DFDS KING Seaways ferry on a marine wildlife mini cruise.

20 April 2017

A Wonderful Family Day Out at New Lanark World Heritage Site & The Falls of Clyde (REVIEW)

New Lanark World Heritage Site is one of 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Scotland. It is a beautifully restored 18th-century cotton mill located in the Clyde Valley, Just one hour south of Glasgow and Edinburgh, it welcomes over 300,000 visitors every year to experience over 200 years of social history and industrial heritage.

It has to be said, it is not a World Heritage Site that I had previously been aware of, but when offered the opportunity to visit and review, it caught my interest, and the combination of history, heritage, the outdoors, and the first trip to Scotland for my boys I thought would be enough to convince them too. And it was.

A Wonderful Family Day Out in Scotland at New Lanark World Heritage Site & The Falls of Clyde

19 April 2017

Win a Family Ticket to the Dacia Magic Weekend in Newcastle worth over £100 (May 20 & 21 2017) (PREVIEW)

*** GIVEAWAY ***
The Dacia Magic Weekend is a unique Rugby League event that is happening in Newcastle in May 2017. This popular event is returning to the city for the third year and 12 Super League teams will go head to head in 6 exciting games of Rugby League over the weekend of Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May.

Great fun for all the family, we have a family ticket (2 adults plus 2 under 16s) for the whole weekend to giveaway.

Win a Family Ticket to the Dacia Magic Weekend in Newcastle worth over £100

17 April 2017

5 Places to Trampoline in the North East

My boys recently enjoyed a school friend’s birthday party at a trampoline park in Newcastle and with news of at least two new trampoline parks planned for the region, I thought I’d take a look where in the north east you bounce around for a bit of fun.

5 Trampoline Parks to Bounce Around in the North East - Cramlington, Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland and Teesside

14 April 2017

How to Make Easter Biscuits - The Perfect Recipe for when you want an alternative to chocolate

If you're one of those people who doesn't like chocolate; can't eat chocolate, or just wants something a little different at Easter, then these buttery, lemon and fruit biscuits are easy to make and take very little time. The perfect recipe for an alternative to chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies.

How to Make Easter Biscuits - The Perfect alternative to chocolate

13 April 2017

Lightwater Valley - A Family Day Out in North Yorkshire with Angry Birds (REVIEW)

Lightwater Valley is a theme park near Ripon in North Yorkshire, England. It is only eight miles from junction 50 on the A1 and less than 75 miles from Newcastle. When an invitation arrived inviting My Boys Club to review the theme park, it was an invitation we were not going to turn down and the hope of a great family day out in Yorkshire awaited us.

I didn't know this until this week but Lightwater Valley is best known for being the home of Europe’s longest rollercoaster - The Ultimate. More about the rollercoaster later.

Lightwater Valley Theme Park - A Family Day Out in North Yorkshire with Angry Birds

12 April 2017

A Vegetarian Alternative to the Traditional Sunday Roast

Easter is nearly upon us and apart from Christmas and New Year, it is one of the only other times of the year that many families have the opportunity to get together during a holiday period. The unofficial start to spring and the tourist season here in the UK, it also means that for the next six months our days will be longer, warmer (hopefully) and happier too.

With two Bank Holidays, for many people that means four days off work, as we hit the quarter-year mark. Whether you will be out egg hunting or waiting in at home for the Easter Bunny here is an alternative recipe for Vegetarian Loaf this Easter for any friends or family members who have decided to give up meat or if you are looking for a meat-free alternative to lamb on the dinner table.

A Vegetarian Alternative to the Traditional Sunday Roast

10 April 2017

Lambs so cute & cuddly - At a farm near you in the North East

Spring is finally on its way and with that brings lots of very adorable lambs being born in the British countryside. 

Lambs are just so cute and cuddly that its no wonder that sheep are so popular in nursery rhymes such as Little Bo Peep, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Millions of lambs will be born this spring with many of them here in the north east.

Lambs so cute & cuddly - At a farm near you in the North East

6 April 2017

North East FREE Family Events in the Easter Holidays

With chocolate eggs, spring lambs, fluffy chicks and the Easter bunny as well as at least 50 free family events and activities in the North East during the Easter school holidays it is sure to be a busy time. 

So you can easily choose what your family are interested in they are handily grouped as: Easter themed events; Arts and Crafts; Tech & Sci-Fi; History & Heritage; Science & Nature; Food; Shopping Centre Entertainment; and Outdoor events.

As well as the amazing paid-for attractions and events that happen across North East England, here is this month’s list of free family activities and events to make our pennies go that little bit further these holidays.

If you have a free event and would like it included this month or in the future, please email me at myboysclub@debsharratt.co.uk

5 April 2017

Keepers Cafe, Dipton - 15 mins from 5 Top Family Days Out (REVIEW)

Have you heard of Dipton? Do you know where it is? Close to where I grew up, it’s a small former colliery village in the Derwent Valley in north-west County Durham, close to Stanley, Consett and Burnopfield. 

It maybe doesn’t sound that remarkable, however, it has a great place to eat, Keepers Cafe, and is close to 5 top family attractions, including Hall Hill Farm, Gibside, Beamish Wild, Beamish Museum and Tanfield Railway. 

Is it sounding more like the ideal destination for a great family day out in North East England now?

My Boys Club reviews Keepers Cafe in Dipton, County Durham. A place to eat homemade food and buy keepsakes close by family fun days out at Hall Hill Farm, Gibside, Beamish Wild, Beamish Museum and Tanfield Railway.

4 April 2017

How to keep your phone charged & never miss a photo opp again (REVIEW)

As much as I love my smartphone there is always one element of it that continues to frustrate me. The phone battery. That dreaded phone battery, that never quite lasts as long as you need it to. Meaning you miss the opportunity to take that killer pic, the one that you know would just be so Instagrammable too.

There are lots of tips on how to lengthen the life such as turning down your screen brightness level, always connecting via wi-fi wherever possible; limit location services; turn on low-power mode and make sure you have downloaded the most recent software.

But what happens when these aren’t possible, or when you have already done all of this and the battery charge still won’t last all day – especially when you are taking lots of photos. 

How do you keep your phone charged so you never miss a photo opportunity again?

How to keep your phone charged to never miss a photo again - Askborg ChargeCube 5200mAh is compatible with both Apple and Android products including iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, HTC and more.

3 April 2017

Learning the Fun Way with Education Quizzes (AD)

I am lucky that both my boys really enjoy learning. It's not always without struggles and challenges, though. But they do attend a brilliant primary school, with teachers that still try to place as much emphasis on extra-curricular activities as they do the national curriculum, and both boys are thriving there. 

Their school, as well as mum and dad, of course, have encouraged and nurtured this joy of learning that they have. They can't get enough of TV shows like Horrible Histories, they love books full of facts and also have really enjoyed any online 'educational' game they have played - as well as a tonne of games that are just about fun! When we visited London last year my eldest didn't take the headphones off whilst on the sightseeing buses - he now knows so much about London - more than us. 

With this in mind, I was keen to show them a new educational quiz game we had been asked to review. It's right up their street.

Learning the Fun Way with Education Quizzes - online support for KS1, KS2, 11-Plus, KS3 & GCSE.

1 April 2017

7 Things to do this month - April

April is not only the fourth month of the year but also gives us April Fools Day, more often than not Easter, and school holidays too. It is also a month commonly associated with the season of spring. And here in the northern hemisphere, the nights start to get lighter, the days warmer and if you can dodge the April showers it's lovely to get out and about both in the daytime and evening. 

So here are seven things to do with and without the family, to eat, make and also enjoy in April.

7 things to do with and without the family, eat, make and enjoy in April.