Welcome to My Boys Club

This is my family lifestyle, travel and food blog all about enjoying life with my family of boys in North East England and beyond.

Family Lifestyle, Travel, and Food

Most of what I write about can be categorised as 'family lifestyle, travel, and food'. We aim to be AFFORDABLE - ACHIEVABLE & AUTHENTIC everything we write about is not too expensive, doesn't require specialist skills, and is real, we have or are about to experience it too or it's on our wish list!


This includes days out, eating out, visits to museums, parks, the coast, countryside and the city. We pass on any tips and tell you about our time there so you can see whether you'd also like to visit. Some of these places we will have been offered complimentary admission to visit and review, others are places we just chose to go to, either way, we always disclose whether something has been paid for or gifted but we always write an honest review.

It may also include things to wear, products we use and important things happening in our life.


We love to travel to places in North East England, the wider UK and across the world. These are usually our holidays or short breaks. I always like planning, so will have a full itinerary scheduled for our trip in advance. We'll share photographs, tips and places to go and things to see and let you know what we and the boys made of it, hopefully inspiring future travels for others too.


The recipes that are on my blog have all been made by me and eaten by me and my family - the food is never wasted. I take the photographs as I cook rather than set up a separate photo shoot. 

What I'm aiming to do is show that in an everyday kitchen, using everyday utensils and appliances, and ingredients you can buy from any local supermarket or shop that you can create tempting, tasty, healthy and quick meals for all the family. 

Why My Boys Club?

I am lucky enough to be the only female in a family of boys, now aged 8 & 11, who are my boys club! 

It's not about gender, it's about living, dreaming, learning, doing things, making things and above all enjoying life ... together. Oh, and one of my favourite colours is turquoise - makes me think of the coast and the sea.

So really what I'm saying is that it's about appreciating what you have and making the most of it.

Want to get in touch? Email me at

PS And yes I'm PR & Marketing friendly - as a PR, Marketing & Comms Professional I understand the value that blogs can bring to a brand and hope we can work together for mutual benefit.


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