27 November 2018

Christmas 2018 – A-Z of Things Parents Love About Xmas

Now that it is approaching December and we are less than one month away from Christmas, then I really do start to feel Christmassy. I’m not yet jaded by the Christmas shopping – although I’m nowhere near finished, and I’m getting as excited as the boys about putting our decorations up next weekend.

So here are my favourite things about Christmas and a very comprehensive A-Z of things to love about Xmas suggested by other families.

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents

21 November 2018

Christmas 2018 – Where to watch Xmas Shows & Panto in the North East

Going to a pantomime or a Christmassy show is a lovely tradition for many of us here in the North East. Oh no, it isn't ... oh yes it is!

This year there are 19 shows on offer from traditional pantomimes such as Peter Pan; Christmas stories such as A Christmas Carol; and a modern take on Christmas with Mixtape Xmas Part - comedy sketch show and part music quiz – there really is something for everyone, and in places as far afield as Berwick and Darlington. 

Some we have been offered complimentary tickets* too, others we have bought ourselves. There are far too many for us to visit them all but if you do go to any of the following, I’d love to hear what you thought. Or indeed if you know of any more let me know in the comments.

Where to watch Xmas Shows & Panto in the North East

13 November 2018

Cooking with the boys: Homemade Pizza

Friday night is, more often than not, pizza night in our house. This usually means us buying frozen or fresh pizzas from the supermarket, sometimes creating our own with a choice of toppings. However, now that my eldest had started Food Tech classes at secondary school it’s all changed.

Cooking with the boys: Homemade Pizza