29 September 2017

Free Family Fun in October in North East England - 30+ events and activities

We have found over 30 free family events and activities across North East England during October including Fun Palace across the region, astronomy the Northumberland Coast and in the North Pennines, plus Freedom On The Tyne - a great drama that will engulf NewcastleGateshead, inspired by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and epic civil rights struggles from across the globe, both past and present at the end of the month, as well as half-term fun.

Listings of over 30 free family fun events and activities taking place during October in North East England.

27 September 2017

How to Make Gluten-Free Pizza Using Chickpea Flour for 25p

Nearly everyone loves pizza. We certainly do in this house. To be fair what’s not to love? Especially now you can get gluten free, dairy free and healthier options too. Do you make your own pizza bases though? 

Now I know it's not quite as convenient as buying them from a shop or having them delivered. But definitely cheaper and healthier. And they really are easy to make. We even make mini pitta bread pizza sometimes. But did you know you can also make gluten-free pizza bases by using chickpea flour?

How to Make Gluten-Free Pizza Using Chickpea Flour

25 September 2017

10 Things I Love About My Tweens

What are the things that make you most proud of your children? When you really think about it, what are the attributes and characteristics of your kids that just amaze you? Make you smile. Your heart glow. And make you proud to be a parent.

10 Things I Love About My Tweens

22 September 2017

Baking Biscuits with Our Favourite Cereals - Shreddies & Oats


I love baking and the boys love eating what we bake. For a quick snack last weekend I decided to whip up some biscuits. I had look through some recipe books to see which ones didn’t require any ingredients that we didn’t have in the cupboard. I also wanted them to be a little bit healthy so tried to find ones with oats rather than just butter, sugar and flour.

Baking Biscuits with Our Favourite Cereals - shreddies and oats

20 September 2017

Be a Geordie Ninja Warrior at Jump 360 in Newcastle (REVIEW)


My Boys Club, was recently invited along to the press launch, of the newest trampoline park to open in the North East. The boys love trampoline parks so we had no hesitation in accepting this invitation, however little did we know that we’d become Geordie Ninja Warriors once we were there.

Be a Geordie Ninja Warrior at Jump 360 in Newcastle

18 September 2017

See The Snowman on Tour this Christmas (REVIEW)


Yes, it's less than 100 days until Christmas. So much to do in preparation - but so much to enjoy as well. 

I love Christmas. And one of my favourite things about Christmas Eve is sitting down to watch The Snowman, and its equally good sequel The Snowman and the Snowdog, with the boys. 

The Raymond Briggs classic animation was released 35 years ago, but it still has all of the charm, enchantment and magic for me that it had when I was little. The iconic tune ‘Walking in the Air’ will always evoke special Christmas memories for me. So imagine my delight when My Boys Club received an invitation to go and see The Snowman at Durham Cathedral this coming December, providing the perfect winter outing for all the family.

See The Snowman on Tour this Christmas at Durham Cathedral

16 September 2017

Jurassic Kingdom, Newcastle – What you need to know (PREVIEW)

*** PREVIEW ***

Jurassic Kingdom, a national tour featuring around 30 life-size prehistoric creatures, continues its journey around the UK next week with a visit to Newcastle. My Boys Club have been invited along, and we also have a family ticket for the Jurassic Kingdom, worth £38, up for grabs too, in our giveaway. (Now closed)

15 September 2017

What to Cook with Apples? Three Easy Apple Recipes

*** RECIPES***

We were very kindly offered a bag of apples recently. We don’t have our own tree so apart from those we buy at the supermarket or market we don’t tend to get a glut of apples. However a big bag of apples is too many for the fruit bowl so instead, we decided to make scrumptious new foods using easy apple recipes to eat including Autumn Apple Jam, Apple Muffins and of course it had to be an Apple Crumble.

What to Cook with Apples? Three Easy Apple Recipes

13 September 2017

Top Tips for Visiting Warwick Castle (REVIEW)

I love castles. Even got married in one. And I count myself very lucky to live in a country with more than its fair share of stunning castles, of which Warwick Castle is among the best in the UK.
We recently enjoyed a family day out at Warwick Castle with our boys, aged 8 & 10. As well as its own fascinating past it's also got Horrible Histories for the boys and hubby was very impressed to discover that Game of Thrones author George RR Martin, loosely based Lord Walder Frey on Richard Neville, also known as Warwick the Kingmaker. 

We had such a great time that we thought we'd share with you our top tips for visiting Warwick Castle.

Top Tips for Visiting Warwick Castle

11 September 2017

Overdue Date Night at Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle (REVIEW)

Date nights are always good. Whether it's a walk along the beach, a meal out, visit to the cinema, or in this case a night at the theatre. So when we get an opportunity for a date night, we try and make the most of it. 

On this occasion, we had received an invitation to the press night at the re-launched Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle, for the production of Overdue. And with a babysitter available we headed out for a pre-theatre meal and a show.

8 September 2017

Keeping Young Drivers Safe – Driving Lessons for Under 17s (REVIEW)

*** REVIEW ***

How many times have you read a news headline about another young person in a driving accident? Sadly the majority of times it turns out to be a boy, and now that my boys are starting to grow up I am thinking about the future and of ways to keep them safe. Driving lessons for under 17s is one way to start the process.

Driving is such a useful skill to have and I’d like my boys to be able to drive one day – in the hope that they can chauffeur me around (I can dream). Driving is not only useful but fun, exhilarating, opens up new adventures but it doesn’t come without its risks but I’d also like them to understand the importance of driving safely too.

Keeping Young Drivers Safe – Driving Lessons for Under 17s with Young Driver

6 September 2017

#EatDrinkSunderland Restaurant Week Preview

*** PREVIEW ***

It's not just the Great North Run that is happening this weekend but it's also the start of the third Sunderland Restaurant Week. This is when eateries all over Sunderland serve up delicious food at even tastier prices for a whole week.

Last week we enjoyed a sneak preview as four venues opened their doors to North East Bloggers and Press and showed us what would be on offer this coming week. These included: The Prosecco Bar, Asiana, Port of Call and Serendipity Tea and Trinkets.

#EatDrinkSunderland Restaurant Week Preview

4 September 2017

5 Quick & Tasty Vegetarian Family Favourite Meals

It's back to school this week and I'm trying to be organised around meal times. The boys have packed lunches which I plan, if not prepare, in advance, and I always have some sort of meal plan in my head when I go food shopping,  but have nothing set out for the week. 

So I've started to think about our favourite family meals. Ones that are quick and easy to make as well as tasty that we can enjoy after school. So here are our five quick & tasty vegetarian family favourite meals.They are also perfect for lunches over a weekend and in the holidays too.

5 Quick & Tasty Vegetarian Family Favourite Meals

1 September 2017

7 Things to do this month - September

The summer holidays are nearly over and I'm starting to think ahead and about Christmas, never mind Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night which we still have to enjoy. But in September there's always the chance that summer may last a little longer and take us through month and in autumn with some late sunshine. 

Anyway here are 7 things that you can do, go, make, eat and listen to this month - whatever the weather ...

7 Things to do this month - September