Christmas 2018 – A-Z of Things Parents Love About Xmas

Now that it is approaching December and we are less than one month away from Christmas, then I really do start to feel Christmassy. I’m not yet jaded by the Christmas shopping – although I’m nowhere near finished, and I’m getting as excited as the boys about putting our decorations up next weekend.

So here are my favourite things about Christmas and a very comprehensive A-Z of things to love about Xmas suggested by other families.

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents

My 5 Favourite Things About Christmas

  1. Christmas Get Together – be it with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues, sometimes life just gets so busy that the only time of year we have to make time for each other is Christmas.
  2. Christmas Food – both making it, sharing it and eating it! I love getting creative and adding a festive twist to everyday recipes like Christmas Tree Pizza Swirls and Reindeer Gingerbread
  3. Christmas Traditions – I love making my Christmas Cake on Stir Up Sunday, putting up decorations at the beginning of December and watching The Snowman on Xmas Eve.
  4. Christmas Songs – I’m often found in the kitchen at Christmas quite happily cooking away whilst listening to Andy Williams Christmas hits. A total guilty pleasure.
  5. Christmas Morning – Christmas really does take on new meaning when you have kids and seeing their faces on Christmas morning is such a special sight.

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents

A-Z of Things Parents Love About Christmas

A Christmas is such an important time for families I asked other parents what it was about this time of year that they loved so much ... 

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


Josie says "I think I like the build-up to Christmas, in particular, Christmas Eve, more than the day itself!  

Fariba says "I absolutely love getting into the Christmas countdown till the big day. Whether it’s our own DIY calendar to a chocolate ready made one we always make it super fun. This year it’ll be a mixture of fun books, Christmas activities and little gifts!"



Amy says "I love making mince pies, shortbread and treats at Christmas time!" 

Emma says "My eldest is only four and it's wonderful seeing Christmas through his eyes. It's not all about the's the excitement, of seeing Christmas lights, wishing for snow, decorating the house, and 100% believing in Father Christmas. Absolutely magical...this was the exact moment he spotted Santa at our towns lights switch on!!"


Jennifer says "Nothing gets me in the festive mood more than traditional Christmas carols. This year is the first year my two eldest kids will both be in their school carol concert and I genuinely can't wait!"

Iris says "I really love making festive treats with my children."

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


Lauren says "I love seeing all the different ones in the shops and choosing which ones to put up at home. So many to choose from in so many colours!"


Louise says "Eggnog is a delicious custardy drink I love to sip over Christmas. It’s a real festive treat."


Raimy says "There is nothing better than spending time with the ones you love. Its also a time for remembering those no longer with us. Its always been the most important thing for me at Christmas and I love the time I get to spend focused on them at this time of year!" 

Emma says "I love the brightness in the dark, twinkly cheer and general sparkle. Can't wait to get mine up."

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


Janey says "Even though I say every year that I will buy fewer presents and worry less about the shopping, it really is a joy to give."

Lucinda says "Christmas is a time to reflect and be grateful for the positive aspects of our lives."

Sarah says "I absolutely love giving gifts at Christmas. Spending time searching for that perfect gift for a loved one, and seeing their faces light up when they open it. It's a truely magical time of year. 


Karina says "Every year on Christmas Eve we build a gingerbread house. It’s become a tradition that we all love and as an added bonus, they look really cute."


Helena says "You can't see love for example but it's there in the acts of present giving and the magic of Father Christmas right?"

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


Leyla says "After dinner, the family take turn to read the jokes from the Christmas crackers and then the drunken adults start making up jokes of their own. We get some real howlers sometimes!" 

Naomi says "This time of year I crack out a variety of different Christmas jumpers including matching ones for the whole family. I love adding a bit of festive cheer to our wardrobes!"

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


Catherine says "This is secret Santa in Ireland. We do it among all the adults in our family. Saves money and everyone gets at least one great present!"


Lianne says "Feeling the Xmas love off everyone family, friends and even strangers in the street - everyone is happier."


Rachael says "My favourite thing about Christmas is waiting for all the spiced drinks and mulled wine is my favourite. I love the smell of it simmering away on the hob and I love adding all the bits of cinnamon and orange etc. It’s the perfect winter warmer."

Chantelle says "I super duper love watching all the wonderful Holiday movies with my kiddo every year. We've already started with Elf and The Santa Clause - so many more to come!"

Emma says "I love all the cheesy Christmas tunes. My favourite being Fairytale of New York! When we hear that we know the Christmas season has begun."


Fiona says "Because I love watching the children doing their school nativity play, watching them act their parts and listening to the songs they sing."

Emmas says "Whether you are religious or not every parent/grandparent/guardian loves a school nativity. I remember my daughter's 7 years ago she was a beautiful angel (1 of 3 as you can never have enough angels). By the time it was my son's turn they were 2 form entry so 60 kids needed a role and he was a saxophone playing sheep!"  


Abi says "It's a tradition in our house to have an orange in your stocking from Father Christmas. Although I've turned this into a chocolate orange which I feel are a Christmas only thing!"

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


Charlotte says "I love a Christmas party! Going out and having a good time with your friends and work colleagues. Everyone is in good spirits!"

Erin says "So we can talk to family in the US on Christmas day too!"


Jo says "Usually on just as we are about to have lunch...! And the alternative one, which often has a really good message."


Sophie says "Whether it's making reindeer food to spread on the lawn on Christmas Eve or visiting them when we see Father Christmas they are one of our favourite parts of Christmas - after all how would the big guy get around all of his deliveries without them!"

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


Carla-Maris says "We love singing all our favourite Christmas songs this time of year."

Rebecca says "I love the magic of Santa. I can't wait to really teach my children about who he is and share the magic with them."


Emma says "It's the beautiful centre piece of our home at Christmas. I love adding new ornaments each year; getting old ones out each year when we decorate brings back memories of Christmas past and where we were when we bought them."

Mandy says "Christmas is the time when we stop everything to spend quality time with the people we love, all normal activities cease and a kind of happy Christmas madness descends. Suddenly we're playing boardgames, having snowball fights and just for a while, life is just like it used to be, simpler, sweeter, and a little bit better."


Cat says "My 2 year old daughter has asked Santa for one this year, not a toy, a real one. The idea that the magic of Christmas can make anything happen. Even mythical creatures being present in Christmas Day morning."

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


Victoria says "It's lovely to have a break from work! Even though Christmas itself can be pretty knackering and I end up longing for another holiday immediately afterwards."


Eileen says "I absolutely love seeing big, traditional doors with gorgeous holly wreaths on them."


Mandu says "Because our eldest will be home from uni for Christmas, and I love having all seven at home (knew choosing a name starting with X would come in handy for something!) 

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


Emma says "My boys decorate their own yule log and burn it just before bedtime on Christmas Eve to let Father Christmas know that they will soon be tucked up in bed. I love making our own little traditions. Mummy doesn't mind the chocolate variety either!"

Angela says "Because that chocolate ganache is amazing after a big Christmas lunch."

Sarah says "Time to practice that face that says thank you for getting me this absolutely awful gift 


Emma says "With extra family around, having the chance to catch up on a bit of sleep over the festive period is a dream come true for any parent! 

46 reasons to love Christmas by parents
What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?

Deb x

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46 reasons to love Christmas by parents


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