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Some people are well and truly done with their Christmas shopping by now. That's not me, I love shopping right up until Christmas Eve and love wrapping on Christmas Eve, watching The Snowman enjoying a festive tipple. 

So, if like me you still find yourself looking for last minute gifts and stocking filler ideas for family, friends, or colleagues, young and old, boy or girl, or a secret Santa read on and see what delights my family will be finding under the tree this Christmas.

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7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

No matter how much we all might want to pretend otherwise, we all know that one of the best things about the festive season is giving and receiving gifts. As well as all the amazing things we love about Christmas - check out my A-Z guide of the things parents love about Christmas here - giving and receiving gifts also fills us with such joy.

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

1. For the Harry Potter Fan

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

With this official Harry Potter product you can dress your morning boiled egg up as Harry Potter himself with this super-cute Harry Potter Egg Cup and Toast Cutter. Plonk your egg in the egg cup and place the egg topper on top and you’ve got your very own little Eggy Potter. There’s also a spoon in the pack, and a toast cutter designed to make your soldiers the same shape as Harry’s famous lightning bolt scar. Have a magical breakfast and put a smile on any Harry Potter fan’s face with this fantastic gift.

2. For the Gamer

Game Boy Watch 

- under £15

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

Be reminded of Mario, Donkey Kong and all your favourite Nintendo characters every time you tell the time with this super-cool, super-retro officially licensed Game Boy Watch. An exact recreation of the iconic portable games console in miniature watch form, this wristwatch is the perfect gift for gamers worldwide. Plays the official Super Mario Land theme tune when the alarm sounds. The Game Boy Watch features the striking Game Boy Design and you use the actual console buttons to set the time. Featuring a grey strap, digital display and stylish design, take this watch out on your next adventure and always know what time it is.

3. For the Star Wars Fan

TIE Fighter Posable Desk Lamp 

- less than £35

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

Fighting against the dark side whether at home or in the office, this superbly designed TIE Fighter Posable Desk Lamp is the ally you need to get the job done. A brilliant desk top lamp in the design of a classic Star Wars TIE Fighter, the iconic spaceship can be positioned and posed over your work area to shine light down exactly where you need it. USB powered, the TIE Fighter Posable Lamp is approximately 60cm high when fully extended and is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

4. For anyone with a sweet tooth

Swizzells Sweets

- Sweet Shop Favourites £6 

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

Relive fond childhood memories of visiting your local sweet shop with a tub packed full of classic Sweet Shop Favourites including lollies, chews, jellies in an assortment gift tin to share.

5. For Classic Comedy Fans

The Two Ronnies DVD Box Set 

- Under £30

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

Put your feet up this Christmas and enjoy the classic BBC Comedy series starring Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett. From 1971-87, over 12 series, four Christmas specials and two classic silent films, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett combined to produce one of the most popular television comedy series ever made.

From their introduction, “And in a packed programme tonight...” to the “Goodnight from him” finale, viewers savoured every moment. The ‘Four Candles’ and ‘Mastermind’ sketches, the Piggy Malone and Charley Farley stories and the hilarious musical numbers have a special place in viewers’ hearts, but these series are packed with so many moments of comic genius.

This collection contains 93 full episodes of The Two Ronnie's, their acclaimed silent comedy films By the Sea and The Picnic as well as The One Ronnie, Ronnie Corbett’s 2010 sketch show featuring Harry Enfield, Catherine Tate, Rob Brydon, Miranda Hart, Matt Lucas and David Williams.

6. For Nature Lovers

David Attenborough's The Life Collection DVD Box Set 

- less than £50

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

Watch some of the greatest and most beautiful nature documentaries ever made, with the whole family this Christmas as this box set contains all of David Attenborough’s “Life” series.

Life On Earth
Life On Earth offers a chronological account of the flora and fauna of planet Earth over a period of 3,500 million years.

The Living Planet
An ambitious 12-part documentary that spanned the globe with portraits of each of the major geographical regions that offer a home to life.

Trials Of Life
Originally broadcast in 1990, Trials Of Life examines animal behaviour in all its infinite variety. In doing so we are allowed to witness some of the most enchanting animal personalities, as well as some of the most fearsome.

Life In The Freezer
Life In The Freezer reveals incomparable standards of natural history filming to trace Antarctica’s seasonal cycle from the long winter months when the formation of ice almost doubles its surface area, to the brief summer when the race to breed really heats up.

The Private Life Of Plants
David Attenborough takes us through each aspect of plants’ lives – travelling, growing, flowering, their struggle with other plants and animals, and the ingenious way they adapt to even the harshest of conditions.

The Life Of Birds
The Life Of Birds celebrates the incredible variety of the world’s best-loved creatures and provides fresh insight into the fascinating way of life.

The Life Of Mammals
The Life Of Mammals features many of the planet’s most fascinating species, including ourselves, and illustrates how mammals have become so incredibly diverse and successful.

Life In The Undergrowth
Join David Attenborough on his ground-breaking exploration in a spectacular miniature universe never normally seen, but teeming all around us. These creatures may be minuscule, but they live life on a truly grand scale.

Life In Cold Blood
The last in David Attenborough’s pioneering “Life” series sees him exploring the fascinating lives of reptiles and amphibians that have roamed the planet for millions of years.

7. For fans of crime thrillers

Peaky Blinders DVD Box Set Series 1-4 

- just £16.99

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Stocking Fillers & Last Minute Gift Ideas

Enjoy an intense, deeply moving and wildly entertaining drama with Series 1 to 4 of Peaky Blinders. Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy - Dunkirk, Inception) heads up one of Birmingham's most feared criminal organisations. But when he sees an opportunity to move up in the world, it becomes clear that his ambition knows no bounds.

What will be your last minute gifts this year?

Deb x

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