Creating Family Photo Memories with the Popsa App in Just 2 Minutes (AD)


What do you do with all of the digital photographs you take? Are they sat in a cloud? Posted on social media? Or even just still on your phone?

I regularly make photobooks using my digital photos so when Popsa, a new app that allows you to create photo books in a matter of minutes, asked me to test out their new service I couldn’t wait to give it a try...

Creating Family Memories 

When the boys were born I decided to make annual yearbooks of all of our family photos. The eldest is now 10, and it is something we have kept up. They are great books to look back upon and also make great Christmas presents for family members too. They really are lifelong souvenirs and a really personal gift too.

This year we had a brilliant family holiday in Scotland, staying in Loch Ness. We created so many memories as a family and also took so many photos (I took three cameras and came back with nearly 1000 pics) from what is such beautiful part of the world that I decided there was enough for a whole book of its own. I’ve always made photo albums, often multiple ones after memorable holidays, but in recent years they have just become part of the yearbook.

However, the ease of this app has inspired me to make more holiday albums. Starting with Scotland… 

The Popsa App

There are four photobooks on the Popsa App that you can order:
  • Softcover Photobook A5 16-24 pages on 220gsm paper - from £6.99
  • Large Softcover Photobook A4 16-26 pages on 200 gsm paper - from £14.99
  • Printed Hardback A5 16-24 pages on 220gsm paper - from £15.99 
  • Large Printed Hardback A4 16-26 pages on 200 gsm paper - from £27.99

The app is available in nearly 50 countries and prices are set to local currency, extra pages can be added too.

Unlike other Photobooks I have tried, the Popsa App is accessed via your iPhone or iPad. There is a website but this is just for information. The creative part is all on your phone or tablet. I’d read that it was a really simple process and took just a matter of minutes. And it did. In fact, less than two.

The app can access the photos on your device or stored in iCloud. It can also find photos from Facebook, from a Dropbox file and you can upload to a Popsa file but I couldn’t get this option to work but that wasn’t a problem, as I uploaded the photos I wanted to use to iCloud, from where they were easily accessible in the App itself. You can just choose straight from your phone too but on this occasion not all my pics were taken with my phone camera.

Editing is really easy too. You can re-arrange photos literally at the touch of a button. Each book has a minimum number of images but you can choose a different number of images per page, and if necessary add pages for an additional fee. Images can also be rotated if necessary and you can choose your own colour scheme, or to have images fill each page to the edge. We went with cyan – my favourite colour.

I was also impressed that Popsa only uses 100% biodegradable and recyclable paper, cover and ink and all paper is sourced from sustainable, renewable sources.

6 Simple Steps to Creating a Popsa Photobook

As a keen photographer, I like taking photographs but I also like looking at them. We have lots of photo albums from pre-digital days. And I love taking the albums out every now and again, sitting with a cup of coffee just remembering great memories.

I’m saddened to think this is something that is being lost with digital technology. Photographs are our memories for the future. The digital age of photography with our smartphones and social media lets more people take more pictures, but printing seems to be a lost art. 

Creating a Photo Albums with the Popsa App in Just 2 Minutes

So I really do think photo books are a great idea, however, they can take a lot of time to create. Not so, with the Popsa App - it’s just 6 simple steps to creating memories for the future.

1. Download the Popsa App from the Apple Store – it’s free and takes just a few moments.

2. Decide which Photobook you’d like to order. There are four on the App to choose from- standard and large, soft and hardback.

3. Select your photos and let the app do its magic. This for me was the hardest part – so many photos to choose from.

4. Name your book. This is then printed on the front and on the large printed books along the spine too.

5. Check the layout and colour scheme – these are all able to be changed.

6. Order and wait for your photobook to arrive. Mine arrived within two weeks.

The Photo Book

Give the Popsa App a Try

This app is perfect for people who take lots of pictures but also want to keep them in a way that is easily shared with family and friends. After 10 years I thought the grandparents may be a little bored of receiving what is the same present every year for Christmas. But no, when I mentioned I may stop making them they were so disappointed. Their faces light up every year seeing the moments they have been part of and some moments they have missed during the year.

I’m really looking forward to creating more holiday albums too, even if they are just from brilliant days out that we’ve had as a family.

50% Discount Code

If you want to give the Popsa App a try, it’s free to download from the Apple Store (It will also be available on Android soon) and then if you use this code MYBOYSCLUB when ordering to get a 50% discount if you order before the 31st December 2017!

If you like it subscribe. A monthly subscription is £9.99 and an annual subscription is just £99.99 and gives you a 100% discount on the price of a 16-page A5 Softcover Photobook every time you order, or a 50% discount on an A5 Hardback Photobooks. There's no limit on the number of orders allowed, you only pay for shipping. Unlimited Popsa is currently available in US, UK, and some other countries in Europe.

Which photos would you put in an album?

Deb x

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Popsa has provided a complimentary photo book and also compensated me for my time in creating this post. All images and video footage and screenshots are my own.

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