My Boys Art Club - February

I have just added my boys latest artwork to my online gallery on Pinterest. I do love having the boys art on the kitchen wall. In fact, at one time the boys were so prolific that we had nearly every wall covered. And some of it is really good. Yet we just don’t have enough wall space. So now every time the boys create something special I add it to an online gallery so we have a record of it in the future.

Check out My Boys Club online art gallery on Pinterest

This month it is the boys calendars for 2017. They have made calendars at either playgroup, nursery or primary school for quite a few years now but these just seem different. They are thoughtfully and beautifully created. Not just a fingerprint or handprint on some card but actually created, with thought, precision and care.

Check out My Boys Club online art gallery on Pinterest

Both boys love art and crafts and being creative, and I think these calendars really mark a change in how they are thinking. Not only that but making a calendar teaches them about days, week, months and years too. How to plan, look ahead and learn about time.

They also tied in with their recent school projects – endangered animals and also China.

Check out My Boys Club online art gallery on Pinterest

Why I encourage the boys to be creative with art?

Art can help to strengthen focus and increase concentration and attention – ideal things for my boys to gain some extra help with. It can also help to develop hand-eye coordination – again a skill that helps with writing. It also requires practice and strategic thinking and involves interacting with the material world through different tools and art mediums. In fact, art can help to develop the whole brain. So that is why I encourage my boys to enjoy art and be creative.

In my opinion, it is just as important as English, maths and science.

Check out the MyBoysClub online art gallery on Pinterest

Thank you for taking the time to have a look!

Deb x

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