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21 November 2018

Christmas 2018 – Where to watch Xmas Shows & Panto in the North East

Going to a pantomime or a Christmassy show is a lovely tradition for many of us here in the North East. Oh no, it isn't ... oh yes it is!

This year there are 19 shows on offer from traditional pantomimes such as Peter Pan; Christmas stories such as A Christmas Carol; and a modern take on Christmas with Mixtape Xmas Part - comedy sketch show and part music quiz – there really is something for everyone, and in places as far afield as Berwick and Darlington. 

Some we have been offered complimentary tickets* too, others we have bought ourselves. There are far too many for us to visit them all but if you do go to any of the following, I’d love to hear what you thought. Or indeed if you know of any more let me know in the comments.

Where to watch Xmas Shows & Panto in the North East

17 October 2018

Fans Theatre Show Goes on Tour (AD)

Do you love live music and theatre? 
Were you in a band when you were younger? 
Did you dream of being in a band? 

Then the latest show from The Six Twenty could be right up your street. Fans returned to Newcastle last weekend, to which we received an invitation attend the press night, and is now on a short tour taking it to Doncaster and London before one more performance in the North East in Sunderland at The Peacock in November.

#FansTour - fans by the six twenty theatre show

13 October 2018

5 Reasons To See The Lovely Bones On Stage (AD)

I received two complimentary tickets to see The Lovely Bones so I could write this review. Images have been supplied by Northern Stage.

The Lovely Bones tour sees Alice Seabold’s novel bought to the stage for the first time. with the stage premiere of the world-famous novel, and one of the best-selling novels of the 21st century. I was invited to attend Press Night at Northern Stage this week and I took a friend along with me. We both loved it and here are 5 reasons why I think you should go and see it.

5 Reasons To See The Lovely Bones On Stage

18 September 2018

Frieze Sculpture 2018 in Regent's Park, London

I had to travel to London for business last week, and after finding myself with a few hours to spare before meeting up with colleagues, I decided to take a walk from Kings Cross along the canals, through Camden Town and eventually ended up in Regent’s Park where I very happily stumbled upon Frieze Sculpture 2018 – a free art exhibition featuring 25 works by contemporary and modern artists. It made for a very lovely Sunday stroll.

Frieze Sculpture 2018 in Regent's Park, London

13 September 2018

Family Theatre at Northern Stage this October (AD)

There is a whole host of family shows on offer at Northern Stage in Newcastle this October. From theatre inspired by much-loved children's books to dinosaurs, we preview them here for you ... and over on our FACEBOOK page there is the chance to win a family ticket to see The Snail and The Whale ...

Family Theatre at Northern Stage this October

31 July 2018

First Person – free family theatre comes to Gateshead Quays (AD)

This post has been sponsored by Gateshead Alive.
First Person is a unique piece of public performance which is coming to Gateshead Quays next weekend on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 August as part of Great Exhibition of the North in NewcastleGateshead - a free, summer-long celebration of the North’s pioneering spirit.

Outdoor theatre is often all about bringing original, exciting and different theatre, to an unexpected place. I love drama and theatre whether it is indoors or outdoors and the quirkier and more unexpected it is the better. The summer we’ve been having has been a great opportunity to see some outdoor theatre on all scales – so far we’ve seen Kynren and Out There and next, it will be 'First Person'. 

2 July 2018

Chopwell WoodFest returns in Land of Oak & Iron (AD)

This post is sponsored by the Land of Oak & Iron

This weekend on Sunday 8 July Chopwell WoodFest returns for a second year in the Land of Oak & Iron filling the Wood with crafts, entertainment and other delights for all the family. Families and visitors of all ages will be able to enjoy a fabulous day out in Chopwell Wood, try their hand at a host of heritage activities such as green woodworking, weaving willow, while kids can run wild in the Bushcraft Dell. 

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend in North East England read on ...

Chopwell WoodFest returns in the Land of Oak & Iron

25 June 2018

5 Reasons to Love Kynren + Everything You Need to Know for 2018 (Review)

Kynren - An Epic Tale of England is an action-packed live blockbuster outdoor performance that takes you on an amazing journey through 2,000 years of history, myth and legend, all in a field just outside Bishop Auckland in County Durham. 

We recently attended the press preview night which also doubles as a full dress rehearsal and discovered that Kynren is a captivating experience for all the family, it really has to be seen to be believed! It’s so hard to describe as it really is best ‘experienced’ live, however, I will try my best …

kynren durham 2018 tickets kids parking review

18 June 2018

Shuffle Your Music - what's on your playlist? #shufflethemusic

I really am from the 'mixtape' generation. There was nothing better than having a mixed tape curated for you personally by a close friend who really knew you or wanted to introduce you to their music. There was no Spotify or Deezer and back then the highlight of the week was recording songs off the radio too - both from the top 40 and the John Peel show. Anyway along comes technology and even though I love my vinyl and still have many of those tapes – so many good memories I can't bear to throw them away – I also love streaming music. You can listen to other people’s playlists, discover new artists and download new tracks as much as you want. 

So I’m really pleased to have been tagged by Sarah from MummyCatNotes in a challenge to shuffle my music and give me the opportunity to think about and talk about the tracks I love to listen to. 

what's on your playlist? #shufflethemusic

3 May 2018

Balloons InDurham – Everything You Need to Know for 2018 (AD)

This post is sponsored by DurhamBID
Hot air balloons will once again fill the Durham City skyline for the return of a free family-friendly festival at the end of this month. When you look to the skies above Durham City, it will be awash with brightly coloured balloons. The horizon will be lit up with hot air balloons galore as a weekend of spectacular Spring Bank Holiday family fun, from Friday 25 May until Monday 28 May, comes to Durham. And we are working with Durham BID to bring you the low down on this year's event.


Fingers crossed for better ballooning weather this evening and tomorrow morning. Keep an eye on DurhamBid Facebook page for more updates.

durham hot air balloon festival

1 May 2018

PENGUINPIG in Gateshead - Keeping our Children Safe Online (AD)

When I was a child I remember not having mobile phones, email, internet or social media. Like many of us, these were things we and our parents didn’t have to worry about. However, times change and technology has moved on. Now we have all kinds of information at our fingertips. And for those of us whose children have access to electronic devices, they too have lots of information at their fingertips. Internet safety has become as important a topic to teach our children as the Green Cross Code.

So as parents how do we ensure our children are safe online? It’s the subject of a live puppet show coming to Gateshead next month so ahead of seeing this performance next month I’ve been speaking to some parents about their thoughts and tips regarding e-safety.

Penguinpig in Gateshead - Keeping our Children Safe Online

19 March 2018

Gateshead Theatre Show Promotes Children’s Online Safety (AD)

Penguinpig is coming to Gateshead in June. A cautionary but beautiful story about the internet is told with puppets and is made for families ideally with children aged between 3 & 8 years old. 

Gateshead Theatre Show PenguinPig Promotes Children’s Online Safety

6 December 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Enchanted Parks 2017 ... Now That We’ve Been to The Inventors Ball (REVIEW)

Last night we went were invited along to review to Enchanted Parks 2017 – The Inventors Ball at Saltwell Park, in Gateshead.

It’s a popular after-dark arts adventure in the atmospheric setting of Saltwell Park. The annual event, which sees specially commissioned artists transform Gateshead’s Saltwell Park into a magical and mythical wonderland, will run for six nights in total.

Everything You Need To Know About Enchanted Parks 2017 Now That We’ve Been to The Inventors Ball

2 December 2017

Alice in Wonderland - The Festive Production at Northern Stage (REVIEW)

It’s official. The Christmas Countdown has begun in our house. The tree is going up this weekend. We are off to visit Santa for the first time, today. The advent calendars are being enjoyed, the Christmas cake has been baked and we’ve been to our first Christmas Show – Alice in Wonderland at Northern Stage in Newcastle.

Alice in Wonderland - The Festive Production at Northern Stage

27 November 2017

12 Books for Tweens this Christmas (AFFILIATE)

I always think I’m really lucky that my boys love reading. They’ve always loved their bedtime stories, still do even though they are now tweens, they love audiobooks, listening to stories as well as reading them too.

12 Books for Tweens this Christmas

Please note that this post contains affiliate links to Amazon. It costs you nothing but if you do click a link and make any purchase then Amazon will pay me a small commission, so thank you if you do.

22 November 2017

Pioneers of Pop at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle

Have you popped into the Hatton Gallery yet? We did just that recently, following its £3.8m redevelopment, to see the Pioneers in Pop exhibition. The first exhibition at The Hatton Gallery located on Newcastle University campus since it re-opened in October.

Pioneers of Pop at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University - newcastle the birthplace of pop art

14 November 2017

10 Things to Expect at Lumiere Durham 2017

Lumiere, the UK's largest light festival returns to Durham later this week, for a fifth time, lighting up the historic city's skies from Thursday16 - Sunday 19 November. 

Organised by Artichoke and Durham County Council the free biennial festival brings some of the world's most innovative artists and light designers together in a breath-taking and spectacular programme of artworks across four dazzling winter nights in the north east of England.

10 things to expect from  Lumiere Durham - #LumiereDurham2017

10 November 2017

Fireflight at Fire Station Sunderland – Everything You Need to Know (AD)

Fireflight - a spectacular free family-friendly outdoor event - will be performed in Sunderland this week - here is everything you need to know! This one-off performance will take place on Thursday 23 November, when more than 100 local performers will feature in the event which will officially open Sunderland’s newest arts hub, The Fire Station.

Fireflight at Fire Station Sunderland – Everything You Need to Know

20 October 2017

5 Family Friendly Things To Do Before Christmas In the Land of Oak and Iron (AD)


It seems a long time ago now, but I actually grew up in a place that is now named the Land of Oak and Iron. Sounds really cool and mystical, doesn’t it? And actually, it is. It’s a place that is bursting with acres of beautiful natural woodland, rich in wildlife, and also has a whole industrial and cultural heritage to celebrate. 

Plus, it is less than 30 minutes away from Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland. So before Christmas why not try pumpkin carving, follow the red kite trail, find woodland sculptures, discover the power of water and choose your Christmas tree in the Derwent Valley.

5 Family Friendly Things To Do Before Christmas In The Land of Oak and Iron

15 October 2017

The Hilarious World of Julius Zebra with Gary Northfield (REVIEW)

Gary Northfield has been writing and drawing comics since 2002. He has regularly worked for esteemed magazines such as The Beano, The Phoenix, National Geographic Kids and The Dandy.

He regularly visits schools and libraries, teaching kids of all ages and abilities how to draw comics and cartoon characters. We were lucky enough to be invited along to a workshop at Seven Stories recently where we were introduced to the hilarious world of Julius Zebra.

The Hilarious World of Julius Zebra with Gary Northfield