Hubby's Top Ten Alternative Xmas Movies

We all love a great Christmas film. Whether you're looking for a classic black and white film, a romantic comedy, a kids' flick or even an action movie, there's a Christmas go-to for everyone. 

However, Christmas films don’t all have to be about Santa or be an over-sentimental festive flick. Luckily, there are many Christmas movies that are guaranteed to charm, entertain and in the odd case terrify. 

Top Ten Alternative Xmas Movies

As an antidote to all that sugary over-indulgence this year, hubby has come up with his Top Ten alternative Xmas movies.

1: Die Hard 1 & 2

Like the meme says "It's not Christmas until I see Hans Gruber fall off of the Nakatomi Tower". Everyone has adopted Die Hard as their alternative festive flick these days but I'd have to go as far as to say that Die Hard 2 is probably, even more, Xmassy.

2: The Empire Strikes Back

Imperial Walkers in a Winter Wonderland. What can I say, I'm a hardcore Star Wars fan, of course, I'm going to include Empire! 

And if you want to know what I thought about Rogue One (NO SPOILERS) click here.

Top Ten Alternative Xmas Movies

3: Gremlins

Little ones causing chaos at Christmas and loving it... Need I say more.

Top Ten Alternative Xmas Movies

4: John Carpenters The Thing

A close knit group are cooped up amid harsh winter weather conditions. Cabin fever is setting in and those sprouts seem to be causing all manner of physiological horror! Sounds a lot like Christmas to me.

5: Edward Scissorhands

It's a fairytale much in the mould of the Brothers Grimm and while it's set in the masquerade of sunny suburbia, it's festive love fuelled heart is revealed during its wintery climax. It's also the tune we walked down the aisle too.

Top Ten Alternative Xmas Movies

 6: A Nightmare Before Christmas

A slice of Halloween that you can also watch with the kids at Christmas?... Perfect!

7: It's A Wonderful Life

You could argue that this film belongs at the top of a traditional Christmas movie list, what with its uplifting 'Christmas bells and angel wings' concept and It's prophetic 'gloom to glory' theme which is very much akin to Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'. However, that opening gambit of George contemplating suicide is so stark that it has to be firmly wedged in my category of dark alternatives

Top Ten Alternative Xmas Movies

8: The Wizard of Oz

There were only 3 channels on TV when I was a kid and this was the default festive blockbuster. They repeated it EVERY SINGLE YULETIDE! It's a great movie but it's only really on the list thanks to some prepubescent brainwashing.

9: Trading Places

What better way to distract you from over-exuberant indigestion than with a good belly laugh at the expense of evil big Corp owners receiving a vengeful comeuppance.

Top Ten Alternative Xmas Movies

10: Batman Returns

It seems Tim Burton knows how to satisfy my alternative festive needs with his 3rd entry into my list. Batman battling a circus of killer penguins and clowns in a bizarre film-noir winter wonderland. Why would this film ever NOT make the list?

Honourable mention: The Exorcist 3

I'm not sure exactly why I always think of this movie at Christmas? Maybe it's the use of iconic religious imagery or maybe it's purely and simply because it heavily references 'It's A Wonderful Life'. Either way, Christmas just isn't Christmas until you've purged festivities with a good old fashioned supernatural chiller, don't you think? 

Top Ten Alternative Xmas Movies

Merry Christmas everyone!

Which films would make your top ten list of alternatives?

Deb x


  1. Great list!! I grew up on Gremlins and Die Hard, might have to add them to my Xmas watch list this year now

  2. Now we've just got to find the time to watch them all again this Christmas x