Let's Go Fly a Kite

Without the "Let's" it may have a very different meaning but let's be sure here we are talking about actually flying kites!

It was pretty blustery at the seaside. Windy enough for flying a kite (but not too windy). On holiday it had been too windy for flying a kite and a cheaper kite broke easily, but I digress. This time, the weather was perfect. The sun was shining, fish and chips and ice creams devoured and the Links has ample space for flying a kite - the perfect place even for beginners.

Who hasn't heard Dick Van Dyke sing 'Let's Go Fly a Kite' in Mary Poppins? There can't be many.

Hearing those words just inspires thoughts of freedom and fun for me. In the musical, those words are all about how friends and family are more important than work, and an afternoon flying a kite is certainly a tonic to a stressful time at work or in other parts of your life.

You're out in the fresh air, in the sunshine, disappointed when it falls and delighted when the kite is airborne. Some say it even feels like there is something alive on the end of the string!

It gets all of your senses going. See the kite fly in the sky; hear the tail flutter and flap in the wind, smell the sea and freshly cut grass, fell the strain on your hands; and as for taste that will be the ice-creams we enjoyed too.

It's a calming exercise for all involved, to watch a kite soaring above your head, fighting the breeze to stay in the air. And best of all its adds a great big smile to the face. And don't forget to look around you too - it's amazing how people can't help but smile at seeing a kite soaring above their heads.

Where: Whitley Bay Links
Cost: Free
Equipment: Shark kite cost £9.95, 6 years ago at a kite festival and is still going strong.
Boys Club Rating: There were very happy smiles on all faces :)
When to go: Anytime of the year. Ideally, the weather needs to be dry but windy - if it's sunny don't forget the sunscreen.

Deb x