23 October 2018

Will the new Nighthawk Ride-On Make A Good Christmas Present? Review (AD)

My boys were asked to review the new Nighthawk Ride-On from Rollplay in advance of the UK launch. They loved to so much and its been really hard for them not to tell all of their friends about it. They are so relieved to be able to do so now … and invite their friends to try out the Ride-On that they received for their time and efforts.

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

Will the new Nighthawk Ride-On Make A Good Christmas Present?

The Nighthawk ride-on has a leading-edge design, creating a new type of ride-on toys. My boys said it is like sledging without needing snow. It’s like being on a magic carpet but close to the ground...

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

The Nighthawk features three wheels: two at the back and one up front, so balance is the key to control as there is no steering wheel. With this toy, children steer the Nighthawk by leaning into the curve, while foot pedals allow variable speed control. Handlebars placed on either side of the seat protect hands and offer complete control, and there’s a rear flag for safety.

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

We headed to an unused car park close to our home to try out the new outdoor toy. It’s not suitable or safe to use on pavements or roads, and sloping ground can be difficult, as can using it in the rain. However, we had a lovely dry sunny afternoon for our first trip out on the Nighthawk Ride-on.

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

5 Reasons to Love the Nighthawk Ride-On

Aimed at children over 6, my boys currently 9 & 11 loved it and here is why...

1. Fun 

Whizzing around has never been more fun for thrill seekers. It only took a few moments for them both to get the hang of it and off they went round and round and round. They just sat on it for a few moments first to get their balance, then set off and never looked back!.

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

2. Cool 

Being one of the first in the UK to test to toy definitely made it cool, but even if they hadn’t been they did love learning how to manoeuvre around obstacles with the unique steering technique — leaning left and right to do quick turns.

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

3. Simple

This thrill ride is powered by body movements.to twist and turn simply lean from side to side to steer and use brake and accelerator foot pedals to make the ride-on move. It's also easy to carry and use.

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

4. Safe

It comes with a rear safety flag, you can easily keep an eye on kids as they have a blast racing, we were also provided with a helmet as well as knee pads and elbow pads, however, neither of my boys came off the Nighthawk. The side handlebars also protect little hands whilst riding. It’s not for doing stunts either.

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review
Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

5. Quick

It runs at a speed of 6miles or 12 km per hour – feeling fast enough for a thrill, but not too fast to scare parents.

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

It arrives fully assembled, and just needs charging – it needs at least 12 hours the first time it is charged - and then 8-12 hours after that. The battery lasts for about 1 hour each time. Long enough for my boys to seriously have some fun.

Overall Dimensions are : 31.1”(L) x 25.2”(W) x 8.4”(H); Weight Capacity: 110 lbs.

How much does a Nighthawk Ride-On cost?

Now it’s not cheap but it is good fun and a quality toy. It’s RRP is £179.99 and has literally just launched in the UK so it's worth looking for any deals too. However, it would be a great joint present for Christmas or Birthdays for my boys, and one that gets them outdoors rather than staring at a screen. I think an adult version would be very popular too!

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

Win your Own Nighthawk

To mark the launch, Rollplay is giving 3 people the chance to win a Nighthawk! Visit the Rollplay Facebook page for details on how to enter.

Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

Where can I buy a Nighthawk?

Launched just this week in the UK, Nighthawk is now available to buy from Smyths, Hamleys and Amazon. (affiliate link).

Who is Rollplay?

For 20 years Rollplay has been a manufacturer of e-vehicles for children and licensee of well-known car brands such as Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi. The development of their products combines high-quality standards and innovation with realistic designs and a fun driving experience. The European distribution centre, based in Bayreuth (Germany), distributes over 50 products from the lines “Toddler & Pre-School”, “Battery-Powered Vehicles” and “High Performance” – including OEM products and original designs for children between the ages of 2 and 12.

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Nighthawk Ride-On by Rollplay review

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