7 Things To Do This Month – November

We are fully into autumn now. The clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing but there is still so much to see and do, both at home and outdoors – just make sure you wrap up warm. 

Here are 7 Things to do this month now it’s November.

7 Things To Do This Month – November

7 Things To Do This Month – November

Where to go for a family walk ... Northumberlandia in Northumberland ....

Have you been to Northumberlandia? We met up with family and friends there a few weeks ago and it has to be said it is a fab place in Northumberland for a fun family walk. Northumberlandia is becoming an iconic landmark in the north. This unique piece of public art is located in 46 acres of just 15 minutes north of Newcastle, near Cramlington in Northumberland. It was also recently voted the Readers’ Choice Family Day Out  at the 2017 Northumberland Tourism Awards

7 Things To Do This Month – November - northumberlandia

What to cook at home ... gluten-free pizza ...

Nearly everyone loves pizza. We certainly do in this house. To be fair what’s not to love? Especially now you can get gluten free, dairy free and healthier options too. Do you make your own pizza bases though? Now I know it's not quite as convenient as buying them from a shop or having them delivered. But definitely cheaper and healthier. And they really are easy to make. We even make mini pitta bread pizza sometimes. But did you know you can also make gluten-free pizza bases by using chickpea flour?

7 Things To Do This Month – November - make gluten free pizza

What to play with ... 3D Jigsaws ...

My youngest has always loved jigsaws. From a large Gruffalo one, when he really young, to a world map and a solar system, they really capture his interest and he always wants to finish them. We were asked to review some new Despicable 3 Jigsaws from Ravensburger recently. Now my youngest not only loves jigsaws but totally adores Minions too. He still adores his Tumbling Stuart which still makes us all laugh. So I knew he’d be perfect for this task – he is 8 years old and he made these jigsaws that are now in his room.

7 Things To Do This Month – November - make 3d despicable me jigsaws

What to eat ... Meat Free Family Meals ...

The boys have packed lunches which I plan, if not prepare, in advance, and I always have some sort of meal plan in my head when I go food shopping,  but have nothing set out for the week. 

So I've started to think about our favourite family meals. Ones that are quick and easy to make as well as tasty that we can enjoy after school. So here are our five quick & tasty vegetarian family favourite meals.They are also perfect for lunches over a weekend and in the holidays too.

My boys aren’t always vegetarian. They do eat, and currently like eating some meat, and we’ve decided they can decide in their own time what they choose to eat. However, we often eat as a family and the boys often eat vegetarian dishes, most of the time not even realising it. Some evenings it’s not possible because of all of the after school, activities they enjoy but when we can here are some of the quick, easy and tasty vegetarian meals we do enjoy as a family.

7 Things To Do This Month – November - meat free family meals

What to win ... Seventh Generation Hamper and an Espresso Maker and Wine Preserver ...

Win a hamper containing six different cleaning products from Seventh Generation. All of these environmentally friendly household cleaning products are plant-based, so suitable for a vegan lifestyle, not tested on animals, and all ingredients are disclosed on the packaging. 

7 Things To Do This Month – November - seventh generation

You can also win an Espresso Maker and Wine Preserver, too.

7 Things To Do This Month – November - seventh generation

What to watch on TV?

Stranger Things and Blue Planet both have the second series now underway. Both are amazing. Enough said. Check them out on Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

7 Things To Do This Month – November - stranger things blue planet

7 Things To Do This Month – November - stranger things blue planet

What to listen to?

Guns N’ Roses — “November Rain” is the obvious choice for this month but you could also be listening to November Has Come by Gorillaz, November Tale by The Waterboys, November Spawned Monster by Morrissey or “November” by Tom Waits.

7 Things To Do This Month – November - november song titles

What are you planning this month?

Deb x


  1. Great round up, my plan for November is preparing for Christmas and trying not to go overboard cos it’s just one day!

  2. I really need to watch stranger things, I have heard so many great things!

  3. Ooo I’m so excited for November. I’m hoping for lots of lovely crisp days

  4. Fab round up! We still haven't got around to watching Stranger Things yet, there's so much on TV at the moment x

  5. I've heard about stranger things just not sire I am ready to start something new yet but we are definitely going to start eating better and start meat free mondays maybe?

  6. I’ve heard a lot about Stranger Things, I really just give it a go x

  7. Soon as the clocks change I got so lazy wanting to hibernate and make lots of comfort food. I feel the belly growing already...

  8. What great ideas to do this month. I definitely family walks are extra special at the start of colder months it is lovely to show them the changing trees and nature. Xx