Win a Swizzels Gift Box to Celebrate 60 Years of Drumsticks (REVIEW)

Swizzels are one of the longest running sweet factories in the world. They have been making sweets since 1928 and still continue inventing new ones to this day.  You've probably heard of every one of their sweets. In 1957 they introduced the drumstick lolly - the only chewy lolly available at the time - and we have teamed up with Swizzels to celebrate 60 years of the Drumstick Lolly with a great giveaway.

Win a Swizzels Gift Box to Celebrate 60 Years of Drumsticks

I know too many sweets aren't good for you, but I'm a great believer in a little bit of everything not doing you too much harm. A 10p mix up when I was little was such a treat. It costs nearer £1 now but my boys love going to the sweet shop with their pocket money, and yes we do still have a traditional sweet shop just up the road that sells nothing but sweets. It's amazing!

Drumstick Giveaway

Drumsticks have a distinctly chewy texture and dual flavours which have made Drumstick a firm favourite with sweet lovers for generations. And you could win a special Drumstick Lolly Gift Box similar to this one. 

Win a Swizzels Gift Box to Celebrate 60 Years of Drumsticks

Simply enter via Rafflecopter here. The closing date is 31 August 2017.

The #DrumStickBucketList

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Drumstick  Swizzles has launched a challenge called the #DrumstickBucketList.

Win a Swizzels Gift Box to Celebrate 60 Years of Drumsticks

They are asking the nation to help complete an activity from the bucket list.  To enter all that is required is evidence of a Drumstick completing the activity.  There are 60 items on the list so there’s plenty to choose from including:


  1. Meet a pug.
  2. Crowd surf.
  3. Write my name in the sand.
  4. Sleep under the stars.
  5. Climb a mountain.
  6. Go dancing.
  7. Get a gym selfie.
  8. Try yoga.
  9. Taste ice-cream.
  10. Relive the 80’s.
  11. Watch the sun set.
  12. Get handed to a random person.
  13. Go to a festival.
  14. Actually, play the drums.
  15. Fly.
  16. Run a marathon.
  17. Sit on a motorbike.
  18. Swing on a tree swing.
  19. Skateboard.
  20. Get a selfie with a celebrity.
  21. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  22. See the Northern Lights.
  23. Visit Vegas.
  24. Be kissed.
  25. Relax in a hot tub.
  26. Be used as a chat up line.
  27. Go to the movies.
  28. Spin in a Waltzer.
  29. Play football.
  30. Visit a famous landmark.
  31. Be frozen.
  32. Be reviewed by a food critic.
  33. Get a picture with a Queen’s Guard.
  34. See a lighthouse.
  35. Photobomb someone.
  36. Be left as a tip.
  37. Be used as a miniature guitar.
  38. Get a selfie with a doppelganger.
  39. Use my wrapper as origami.
  40. Be filmed in slow motion.
  41. Graduate.
  42. Appear on Breakfast Television.
  43. Be made out of Lego®.
  44. Become art.
  45. Have a duvet day.
  46. Be on the cover of a magazine.
  47. Get a shout out on live radio.
  48. Have a song written about me.
  49. Go on a red carpet.
  50. Be part of a magic trick.
  51. Watch tennis at Wimbledon.
  52. Meet a dinosaur.
  53. Go Trampolining.
  54. Become a meme.
  55. Ride in a sports car.
  56. Visit a Zoo.
  57. DJ.
  58. Boogie at a wedding.
  59. Be left in a geocache.
  60. Break a world record.

All you need to do is take a picture or a video of yourself completing the bucket list challenge with your trusty drumstick. Upload your picture to the site to stand a chance of winning a great bucket list experience of your own.

More information on how to enter the #DRUMSTICKBUCKETLIST is available here.

Good luck in the #DrumstickBucketList and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Deb x