Will the Veggie Burgers at Smashburger Smash it? (REVIEW)


It's always nice to receive an invitation to try somewhere new, in this case, Smashburger in intu Eldon Square in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Smashburger opened its third UK restaurant in Newcastle earlier this year - after Milton Keynes and Brighton and has now opened in Bath with plans to reach 10 outlets across the country soon. Smashburger is already a hit in the US and is one of the fastest growing restaurant concepts in history - since the first Smashburger in 2007, they now boast over 370 locations within ten countries, operating in places such as California, Texas, New York and Newcastle.

On the menu are handcrafted items ranging from smashed-to-order burgers, handspun Haagen-Dazs milkshakes, chicken sandwiches, salads, and a variety of sides.

As a vegetarian for many years, a burger is not always my first choice for lunch. It is not a dish that springs readily to my mind as I'm often disappointed with the veggie version, or dislike paying the same price as a meat burger, for some crispy vegetables in a bun.

However, I looked at the menu online and was pleasantly surprised to see not one but veggie options. And, as you can create your own by mixing and matching fillings, buns, sauces, toppings and cheese; and a number of premium add-ons - not only are there two options but much more to come back and try too.

I could also have opted for a salad but really wanted to try the burgers. However, there are two veggie salads, Spinach, Cucumber and Goats Cheese; and Harvest. Both come with raisins, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cucumbers, tomatoes & onions with balsamic dressing and you add a Portobello Mushroom too as a premium add-on.

As much as I like the idea of creating my own for this review we decided to go with their recommended veggie burger creations and although we had been shown to our table, as it's a modern fast-casual restaurant we ordered at the counter.

Hubby opted for the Avocado Ranch Portobello Mushroom (£5.95) - fresh avocado with ranch dressing, garlic grilled Portobello cap mushroom, Swiss cheese, lettuce & tomato on a multi-grain bun. 

So we could try both options (we actually halved them) I ordered the Sweet Butternut and Chickpea Veggie Burger (£7.95). I'm a big fan of chickpeas so was willing this to be good. It was. The Premium Version which I opted for comes with a fried egg. Although you order at the counter food is served to your table. My burger arrived without the egg but that was soon rectified and looked tasty enough without the add-on. I only wish the yolk had been runny, but that's my personal preference - it was still a nice addition to the dish.

Hubby preferred the Avocado Ranch Portobello Mushroom and I really enjoyed both and it's nice to have a choice.

For a side order we were going to choose the Smashfries (£2.75)  (You do have to try the restaurants own named side.) and the sweet potato version but we were recommended the Haystack Onions (£3.25) - very thin crispy onion rings - I loved these, hubby was not so keen but I'd order them again and they make a nice change from fries. 

The Smashfries - fries tossed in Italian olive oil, rosemary & garlic - were crispy and delicious.

Alcoholic and soft drinks are available but if you are going to try a burger then you should also try the shakes, so we did ... The hand-spun shakes (from £4.50) are blended with Häagen-Dazs® Vanilla Ice Cream and come in five different flavours: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Oreo and chocolate oreo. Being creatures of habit we went for chocolate and vanilla - and were not disappointed. They are thick creamy and very filling, and although not cheap then easily becomes a tasty substitute for dessert.

Smashburger is located on the lower level of Greys Quater in intu Eldon Square, Newcastle. Open every day from 11 am until 9m with late opening until 11 pm on Fridays & Saturdays. 

On this occasion we hadn't taken the boys but the kids' lunch menu does look good, and they are big burger fans, so we'll be heading back to try that at a later date.

I can't tell you how the meat burgers taste but what I can say is that if you are a veggie wondering whether the veggie burger is worth it, then the answer is yes - both variations were tasty, delicious and filling - a great place to head for a quick lunch.

Have you been to Smashburger?

Deb x

Disclosure: We were invited to review Smashburger and received complimentary lunch for two in return for an honest review.


  1. This looks like a great place with some lovely different options. Will definitely check it out if we are in the area!

  2. Oooh I have never heard of smash burgers, but I'm not going to lie this post has made me want to visit. I do love a good veggie burger...

  3. We've been to the Brighton one, so much choice! The shakes are lovely

  4. Looks nice! I haven't tried this place yet

  5. Wow! That food looks amazing! Now I'm hungry for a burger but it's only 9am where I live:)

  6. I often go for the veggie burger option in places so it was good to see that these were good.
    Also...you completely had me at Haagen-Dazs milkshake...

    Tori | www.torisworld.com

  7. I'm a vegetarian and am always disappointed when there is only 1 option on an entire menu so this is great with 2 main options and a create your own

  8. The veggie options look great, really tasty. Hope a branch makes its way near us sometime :)

  9. This place seems amazing! It's so great the big fast food restaurants have started to cater to vegetarians.