Bouncing Around in Hartlepool at Jump 360 Trampoline Park (REVIEW)

It was a Father’s Day with a difference this year as we headed down the A19 from Newcastle for a Father’s Day treat for hubby - a family bounce around at the Trampoline Park Jump 306 in Hartlepool.

Where is Jump 360?

It is just a 45-minute journey from Newcastle to Hartlepool and before you know it you’ve arrived at Jump 360 on an industrial estate, just south of Hartlepool Town Centre, close to Seaton Carew. I used to work in Hartlepool but I don’t think anyone would have any difficulty finding it. As we drove along the road my youngest yelled there it is – there is indeed a very big sign on the outside of the building. There is plenty parking too and it’s free.

As well as being Father’s Day, it was also one of the hottest days of the year, so far. So we weren’t expecting it to be too busy and we were more than happy to come inside and out of the blazing sunshine for an hour.

Trampoline Parks are so popular at the moment, I always call them ‘soft play’ for bigger kids, and my boys love them. They have been to a few birthday parties and were very excited to hear we’d been invited to review Jump 360 in Hartlepool.

As you enter the building the admissions desk is straight in front of you. It’s very brightly coloured which sets a fun vibrant feel to the whole place. After completing a waiver, and receiving our socks and wristband, (similar to swimming pools the colour of the band would determine when our time was up) we headed to the locker area to store away our belongings (£1 coin required but refunded) and onto the briefing room.

Following a short safety video, that I have to say really does stress that trampolining can be dangerous and shows in cartoon form what can happen when the rules are not followed, it was time to enter the park. 

And wow, as the place was fairly empty we had a great view of every activity available. In fact the busiest we saw it during the hour was about 20 people in their at once, however, the maximum capacity at any one time is 120. There was so much to do, we barely knew where to start.

What will you find at Jump 360

Jump 360 is not just about the 100 trampolines - the 30,000 square feet is broken down into a range of exciting zones including:

Basketball Lanes - Jump and slam-dunk your way to the top with our 3 basketball lanes. See if you can shoot those valuable 3 pointers that most seasoned players can’t.

Dodgeball Arena - Dodge, duck and dive as the trampolines put that extra bounce into the standard game.

Penalty Shootout – In a penalty shootout the goalkeeper can fly through the air and save the shots only professional keepers would otherwise be able to do.

Tumble Track - Four times longer than normal trampolines providing extra space to practice new tricks.

Hang Tough – A combination of monkey bars and gymnastic rings.

Slack Line – A cross between a tightrope and a balance-beam.

Stepping Stones – Foam towers of different heights to hop across.

Net Crawl – Swing across the cargo nets like Tarzan.

Rope Ladder – Looks simple. It’s not as it puts your balance to the test.

Log Roll – So much fun trying to keep your balance, while every movement rotates the log.

Traverse Climbing Wall – A climbing wall suitable for all ages with different colour coded routes and speed buttons to challenge a friend.

Battle Beam – Total gladiator fun where two contestants try to knock each other off.

Aero Ball – A combination of basketball and volleyball played whilst on a trampoline.

Spiral Slide – It looks like it belongs in soft play until you start to climb and then whizz down through the twists and turns of the spiral slide and land in a super soft foam pit.

Air Bag – Land on an inflatable bouncy castle in order to cushion your landing. 

There is also a Toddler Zone, with 15 linked trampolines and a soft play area.

Should you give trampolining a try?

As a child of the 80’s, Jump 360, really reminded me of the TV show Gladiators. Everything I used to watch athletes doing on TV I could now try myself. I just wish they’d had these parks when I was little, more flexible and eager to jump around quite so much! As an adult it is still quite enjoyable and good exercise – however, if you don't fancy it and your children are old enough you can also let them run around themselves whilst enjoying a coffee in the café.

I have to say the boys really loved it. The boys have been to a couple of other parks in the northeast but they did say this has more activities than the others they have tried. 

The most fun they had was the slide into the foam pit, the tightrope and the airdrop, and they can’t wait for Jump 360 to open in Newcastle

What you need to know...

  • Jump Around £10 for an hour of bouncing in the whole trampoline park for jumpers aged 5 and upwards). 
  • Jump Junior £5 for toddlers from ages 1 to 5 a chance to bounce some areas of the park without having the older kids around. Must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Jump Family £5 per family member for families with children between 1 and 11 to visit and enjoy jumping together but with limited use of the park.
  • Jump Teen £10 is a teenagers-only session that offers 2 hours of fun, excitement and energy on a Friday night.
  • Jump Late £10 per hour is an adult only jump session with music and a lighting system to rival any club!

This must be signed for everyone who will be using the trampoline park. All participants must have a signed waiver before their activity is allowed to begin but can be done in advance online. If you are under 18 your waiver has to be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Waivers are valid for 12 months, so you don't need to sign one every time.


£2 per person but can be re-used. Everyone jumping must be wearing special Jump 360 grip socks, which are a vital way to reduce the risk of injury and must also be worn for hygiene reasons. 


£1 coin required but refundable

Opening hours 

Term Time

  • Monday-Thursday 12 pm - 8 pm
  • Friday 12pm - 10pm
  • Saturday 10am - 10pm
  • Sunday 10am - 8pm
  • Bank Holidays 10am - 6pm
School Holiday Times
  • Monday-Thursday 10 am - 8 pm
  • Friday 10am - 10pm
  • Saturday 10am - 10pm
  • Sunday 10am - 8pm
  • Bank Holidays 10am - 6pm

Durham Heritage Coast

As it was such a lovely sunny day we took the scenic route home rather than take the A19 and stopped off at Seaham to see Tommy the World War One Soldier Sculpture, and found more sea treasure on the way along Durham's Heritage Coast.

Have you been to a trampoline park?

Deb x

Disclosure: We received complimentary admission for a family of four in return for an honest review.


  1. Stunning photos of the Heritage Coast. The trampoline park looks fun! We have one (different company - sorry lol!) near us - I must give it a try soon!

    1. Thanks - the coastline is stunning x

  2. Oh my god that sounds like so much fun! I've always wanted to visit in trampoline park :-) after my surgery I definitely will :-)

  3. Wow, there is so much to do at 360! It looks amazing. Great exercise too

    1. There really is - much more than I thought.

  4. We have a trampoline park near us but have never been, it looks like so much fun! Love the grip socks :)

    1. Grip socks are great on our wooden floors too x

  5. This looks like a really fun day for families. I know my daughter would love this kind of a place but she's a little too young at the moment. I'm not sure I would like it though, I get claustrophobic in situations where I can't get in or out quickly so these places scare me a little. I love how they've made the different sections all themed - clearly a lot of thought went into the design which is great! x

  6. oh my goodness that looks like so much fun!! i wish we had something like that local to us! id never leave haha

    1. We are really lucky to have a few close by now x