7 Ways to Enjoy National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week 2017 runs from 15-21 May, and it’s all about eating veggie for the week and still enjoying delicious, exciting food. 
To mark the occasion, we are sharing our favourite recipes and we’ve come up with a list of 7 ways to enjoy National Vegetarian Week. So why not make the most of some new ideas and meat-free recipes and get stuck in …

7 wats to enjoy national vegetarian week

Somewhere to eat out
Earlier this year we headed to The Bohemian on Pink Lane in Newcastle - a Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurant with a bar and its own vinyl record shop. They offer everything from a light lunch, or a cocktail and tapas, to a 3-course evening meal. Two of the dishes we enjoyed so much that I’ve also re-created at home – Mushroom Quesadillas & Peking Jackfruit & Pancakes.

jackfruit pancakes at the bohemian newcastle

mushroom quesadillas at the bohemian newcastle

Something sweet
A recipe for vegetarian and healthy lunchbox additions that also satisfy a sweet tooth has been very popular. Check out our Quick and Easy No-Cook Tasty Snack Bars. They are something halfway between an apple and a chocolate bar, also handily sized for a lunch box and packed with energy in the form of good fats and natural sugar.

vegetarian and healthy lunchbox additions

Something for Sunday
I never want to miss out on a Sunday Roast. I just don’t want to eat the meat. In fact, until I discovered this recipe for a Veggie Sunday roast alternative I’d often just have the veggies, Yorkshires and lashings of veggie gravy and be quite happy. This lentil and nut loaf though just makes it that whole lot better.

a veggie alternative to the sunday roast

Something delivered to your door
We recently enjoyed two really tasty dishes courtesy of a Gousto recipe box. We tested vegetarian meals of a Mushroom Dal and Japanese Aubergine Katsu Curry – both were so easy to make and really delicious too. Although not the cheapest they are a great idea for someone who is unsure of cooking or especially this week someone who wants try out new vegetarian dishes, or for and wants to impress on a special occasion.

vegetarian food delivered to you door

Something surprising
Chocolate hummus is a great alternative to chocolate spread. But the surprising thing is that the main ingredient is a tin of chickpeas. Packed with Vitamins C and B6; protein, carbs, iron, zinc and manganese it’s a great alternative to chocolate spread – and can be dairy free too. Delicious on toast!
 dairy free chocolate spread for national vegetarian week

Something to eat with the family
We decided to have a family veggie curry night, earlier this year for the first time. As well as a Quorn curry we also had all the trimmings and the boys loved it.

Something to eat with the family during national vegetarian week

Something that won't break the bank
We love takeaways – the convenience, the taste, the range of dishes, however, there is the cost to consider. We have started to make ‘fakeaways’ and enjoy a ‘takeaway style’ meal with the whole family but for a fraction of the price. Our budget Mexican Chilli Night fed a family of four for less than £10 – a fifth of the price of an equivalent takeaway.

budget eating in national vegetarian week

For more ideas, there are lots of recipes on the National Vegetarian Week website.

National Vegetarian week - 7 ways to eat veggie

Are you trying a meat-free meal this week?
Deb x

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  1. Some great ideas, you've got me wondering how good the chocolate hummus is! My kids love Nutella, but I'd love it if they enjoyed a healthier version!

  2. AnonymousMay 16, 2017

    my god the food looks lovely but just cant afford it myself .but its great if you can.

    1. Some of it is a lot cheaper than you think and worth a try x

  3. Some fab ideas here! I really need to cut down the amount of meat we eat (don't think I could ever go full veggie!) as it's so expensive!

    1. There are some lovely veggie recipes around too.