7 Tips on How to Protect Your Hair in the Summer Months (AD)

The warmth of summer is always welcome. Longer days, plenty of sunshine, peeling away the layers of clothing are part and parcel of life with winter behind us for another year.

Heat and the sun make us feel so much better about ourselves but, the effects of the summer are somewhat tempered with a heavy dose of reality when we look in the mirror: overly dry hair, damaged by the sun, chlorine from days at the pool and salt water from days at the beach.

Fortunately, all it takes is a few changes and creating your own summer hair care routine to save your luscious locks from the dreaded summer dull-and-lifeless droop.

At Home and On Holiday

Although we joke about the weather in the UK, we can have long days of hot sunshine. But the sun here and the heat abroad are wholly different.

This means stepping up your hair protection routine when abroad to that which you use when at home.

And this is why you need these great hints and tips to have your hair summer ready.

#1 Get a Pre-Summer Trim

Whether you have long, short or mid-length hair, top hair stylists all agree that a pre-summer trim goes a long way in keeping your hair looking great all summer.

The sun will cause extra damage to hair that is already dry and by removing dead ends, your hair will be in better shape.

Although most hairdressers suggest a trim every six to eight weeks, there is on school of thought that missing the August trim off your list could be beneficial.

With a pre-summer trim, enjoy the beach and the pool, letting summer do the worse to your hair but in September, book yourself an appointment for a trim and a deep condition, waving goodbye to summer but with autumn-ready hair.

#2 The Shower Has It!

Protecting your hair is important but if you didn’t get the chance to shield your hair and colour from the sun, you can start to repair or ward off any more damage in the shower.

You may a change of shampoo and conditioner works well for the summer months, choosing deeply nourishing and moisturising products.

Spend a little more on quality products, looking for shampoos and conditions that don’t contain harsh sulphates, parabens or sodium chloride, all guaranteed to weigh down your summer hair.

#3 Slip, Slop, Slap for Your Hair Too

Slip! Slop! Slap! was an Australian campaign from the 80s to encourage people to wear sunscreen but whilst we protect out skin, we don’t often think to do the same for our hair.

UV rays can lighten highlighted hair too quickly, leaving to looking washed and jaded and for darker colours, brassy or red tones can shine through.

To stop this happening, looking for a quality leave-in conditioner. Always apply to damp hair so that it has a chance to sink in.

#4 Dampen Your Hair

A small trick that will make a difference if you are an avid sea-swimmer. Saltwater strips your hair of essential oils, as well as diluting your hair colour and stripping any conditioning treatments you have used. The same goes for chlorinated water in the hotel pool.

The answer? Spray your lock with water before you take the plunge in the sea or the pool. The water on the hair helps to dissolve the chlorinated or sea water on impact and might just be the thing that saves your hair from becoming too dry and frazzled.

#5 The Must-Have Tool – A Wide-Tooth Comb

After your dip, brushing your hair seems like a good idea but use a detangling spray with a wide-tooth comb to minimise damage.

#6 Loose Ponytails

Clearly, if you have long hair the heat of the summer will no doubt mean throwing your hair up in a ponytail.

For dry or weak hair, this can place stress of damage strands of hair and so the secret lies in not only tying it up loosely but also changing the position of the bun or ponytail daily.

In other words, wear it low one day, high the next and when you can, wear it down. Sleep with your hair loose and avoid the temptation to tie up wet hair as this can cause more damage to an already fragile, dry mop of hair.

#7 Cover Up!

Wearing a hat shields your hair from the effects of the sun and is a sure-fire winner to keeping your luscious locks in great shape.

As well as different styles of hats, there are also other head coverings you can invest in or look cool and effortlessly chic in a headscarf. But say, stylists, don’t forget that the sun can still do some damage through hats, especially straw hats so keep your hair protected with leave-in products.

Summer doesn’t have to means frizzy, dry, lifeless hair!

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