Should you buy your child's teacher a gift for Christmas?

How do you show your appreciation to your child’s teacher? Is it a Christmas card, a simple thank you, a present – whether bought or homemade. Or do you not bother?

The end of the school term is nearing, and yes it’s time for that question again  "What can I give my child’s teacher to say thank you?"

I know a lot of teachers who always say it’s not necessary to give a present. But hey, it’s Christmas and isn't it supposed to be all about the giving.

Should You Buy Your Child's Teacher A Gift For Christmas

It came as quite a surprise though to read in The Telegraph, that a Mumsnet survey found that 10% of parents spend £25 on gifts for a child’s teacher. A further 20% spend nothing at all. But if that’s what some people choose to do, then so be it. It is all down to the individual.

At our school, we've been advised that as part of a 'Poverty Proofing' initiative, children will not be asked by staff, after Christmas, what presents they received. The reason being that, children have informed the initiative themselves that, they find this a very uncomfortable situation depending on their circumstances, causing some of them to make things up. It has made me aware that what children do or so not present their teachers with at Christmas, could have an impact too.

However, my boys do like to give their teachers something. Even accounting for holidays and weekends, my boys spend time with their teachers on over half-of-all-the-days in the year. That’s a lot of time, and for my young boys, their teachers play a big and positive part in their lives. 

Yes, they do get paid a salary – but although they shouldn’t expect, I think it’s nice for them to be appreciated too with a small gift. And I see it as a good way to nurture an appreciative ethos in my boys. It really doesn’t have to be expensive, though. It’s not about how much you give but about thought and effort.

So a few years ago, I decided it would be nice for the boys to make something for their teachers, rather than simply buy a box of chocs. We decided on fudge – it is quick, easy, can be made by the boys and most people like it – including the boys. The boys then make a handmade card to accompany it.

Should You Buy Your Child's Teacher A Gift For Christmas

We have been making it for a few years now and tried different methods and flavours, click here for our favourite version.

Do you buy a gift for your child's teacher at Christmas?

Deb x


  1. I think making teachers a gift is a lovely idea but we usually just buy boxes of chocolates - they can always give them away if they don't want them! x