Two TV Treats to catch-up on - Oct 7 2016

My regular look at what's good to watch on TV. After the boys have gone to bed, I’m always looking for something to watch on catch-up TV? 

If you are too, then here’s my Top 2 Things to watch from this past fortnight. This week it's just like going to a pub quiz without leaving the house ...

UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE: Starter for 10 anyone?

Ever since I watched the University Challenge parody on The Young Ones as a youngster, this show has fascinated me. As I’ve watched it more, and as I’ve grown older, if not wiser, then I find myself answering a few more questions correctly or at least being able to understand the questions some of the time. It's simple things in life that make you happy and getting three or four correct on a good day, (I don’t think I’ve ever had more than seven) can give you a nice happy glow on a Monday evening.

Boys Club Rating: Why watch it this week? Well, if you know the first paragraphs of the Roald Dahl classics then you’ve got a good chance of getting some bonus points!

The book ‘Starter for 10’ by David Nicholls and the film based on it is also worth a read and a watch!


I’m trying to explain this quiz and I’m still unsure as to how and why it works. But I love watching it.

Monday evenings are all about BBC2 quiz shows in our house and if we miss them, we will actually watch on catch-up.

From the team names to category choices, it’s all pretty unfathomable most of the time but still enjoyable to watch. I guess life is just a little strange sometimes.

This is a quiz show in which teams compete to find connections between seemingly unrelated clues – sounds simple but the questions are hidden behind Egyptian hieroglyphs, there are two walls that need solving, and the missing vowels from words round that ends the show. Have to admit that is my favourite bit – if you are able to fill in the gaps this is the part where you can get some right.

Boys Club Rating: Even more so than University Challenge, get just one question correct and feel like your education wasn’t wasted.

View both on BBC iPlayer.

What have you watched on TV this week that you'd recommend?

Deb x


  1. I've really enjoyed the series on BBC1 "Our Girl". Nice edge of the seat drama!

  2. Ooh haven't watched that one yet. Saw the first series though. Will have to try and catch it :)