Two TV Treats to catch-up on - Oct 21 2016

My regular look at what's good to watch on TV via catch up.

After the boys have gone to bed, I’m always looking for something to watch on catch-up TV?

If you are too, then here’s my Top 2 Things to watch from this past fortnight.

This week it's an American remake and my own guilty pleasure …

The Night Of ...

A remake of a British drama doesn't always fill me with confidence, however, the reviews for 'The Night Of' meant it should be worth a watch. And it was.

Eight episodes, rather than the original five in the award-winning Peter Moffat version, Criminal Justice, eight years ago, this HBO adaptation, broadcast on Sky Atlantic looks at the randomness of justice, and whether you actually get justice in the legal system.

It's an eclectic array of characters that tell the story of a crime in New York City, that use both subtle humour and horror to great effect. Not always likable,  the characters are though engaging. Riz Ahmed gives a hypnotic performance as Naz in the lead role, as do the soon to retire cop and scruffy solicitor.

Interwoven with believable side stories to build up our understanding of the characters, this makes a real difference too. It certainly doesn't glamorise crime but instead gives an insight into the impact of the far-reaching ripples of a crime, and looks at many of the political and cultural issues affecting society today. It is brilliant and addictive - we virtually watched them back to back

Boys Club Rating: For anyone still missing The Wire, it's a worthy substitute.

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Holby City

I have to admit this is one of my guilty pleasures. I haven't watched it for that long, but if I miss it, I do try to watch it on catch-up. 

A spin-off from Casualty, it's takes us through the lives of hospital staff, how their lives are entangled and how they deal with incidents, and the impact it has on their work and private lives.

I'm not a medical professional, and I'm sure if I was I'd have a different opinion, but if you are looking for a drama-soap that has interesting story lines and a decent script and actors then give it ago.

Boys Club Rating: A really enjoyable TV series but a little warning, though. Somehow we always manage to be eating when it's on TV, and gory operations with your evening meal are not the best - but may help with your diet, if not your appetite.

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What have you watched on TV this week that you'd recommend?

Deb x