My Boys Art Club - October 2016

Kids artwork - having it hang on the kitchen wall is like a rite of passage through childhood. 

I can still even remember my dried pasta pictures sprayed with gold and silver paint adorning our walls when I was a lot younger. 

I do love having the boys art on the kitchen wall. In fact, at one time the boys were so prolific that we had nearly every wall covered. And some of it is really good. 

We are always looking for ways to display the boys' artwork. Their work may not make it into an art gallery, ever, but I'm creating an online art gallery for My Boys Art over on Pinterest - if you like it please let me know as they would be thrilled!

The first is the collection of Mothers' Day cards they made for me this year. Beautifully painted my aim is to frame and hang them together as one piece - I'll get round to it one day...

A montage of Mother's Day Cards - 2016

Why is art good for kids?

Kids whose creativity is nurtured are curious and inspired to learn more. Art can help to generate a love of learning; develop a willingness to explore; teaches risk-taking and allows you to learn from making mistakes. 

In my opinion, it is just as important as English, maths and science.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look!



Check out the MyBoysClub online art gallery on Pinterest