Two TV things to catch-up on - Sep 9 2016

My regular look at what's good to watch on TV. After the boys have gone to bed, I’m always looking for something to watch on catch-up TV? 

If you are too, then here’s my Top 2 Things to watch from this past week. This week it's a blast from the past and a pilot that I hope gets a full series ...


Anyone over a certain age must have heard of Cold Feet (it was broadcast between 1997 and 2003) and have fond memories of watching and recording (long before catch up TV was a thing) the much-loved comedy-drama series produced by Granada, and written by David Nicholls author of the brilliant 'One Day'.

In it, couples deal with the ups and downs of romance and relationships. Like all good TV shows there are the characters we wanted to be, the ones people thought we were and the ones we’d rather not be, but actually were most like.

Got to admit I was surprised when it was announced that the show was making a come-back – have to admit I haven’t been pining for it, and after the let-down of the ‘This Life 10 Years On’ got to say I was more than a little sceptical.

So was as it worth the wait. Yes, 14 years later and it's as if it's never been away.

Boys Club Rating: Loved it – will be tuned in again at 9pm next Monday.

View at ITV Hub until 5 Oct 2016


Part of a new BBC Sitcom Season, “Motherland” a sitcom pilot from Graham Linehan and Sharon Horgan, invited us to meet the Alpha Mums on Tuesday evening on BBC2. 

As a mum of two boys, this really appealed to me. And it was both worryingly close to the truth and pretty hilarious at the same time. Yes, we've all met mums and dads who fit all the characters – I’ve lost touch with some that I’d love to meet up with again but the thought of some of the others still terrifies me.

Boys Club Rating: Hope it gets a full series!

View on BBCIPlayer until 6 Oct 2016

What have you watched on TV this week that you'd recommend?

Deb x


  1. I'm so glad Cold Feet is back. I used to love it. The first episode was fab which was a nice surprise

    Cat x

    1. Yes it was a very welcome surprise - and thanks for reading!