Save money and memories

Save money and memories for your kids by upcycling their outgrown t-shirts into comfy cushions. I'm really glad I did this with my boys' old t-shirts. As it is Recycling Week, I thought I'd share with you the cushions we made from old clothes.

My boys had some favourite t-shirts that they loved wearing but were now just too small - no matter how they tried to fit into them. Some had already been hand-me-downs, and me, as much as them, (and probably more so), didn’t want to part with them.

Save money and memories by upcycling old clothes

Now the boys also like being comfy so what better idea than to transform and ‘upcycle’ their t-shirts into cushions. 

Now apparently it is ‘easy’ to make these but I enlisted the help of Grandma - who is far better with a sewing machine than me - and within days they were made. 

TOP TIP: For the filling, we used the insides of a basic range pillow and plain material – far cheaper than buying cushion inners.

The boys use them on the sofa, in their bedroom, and in the car.

Today marks the start of the 13th year of Recycle Week (12 – 21 September). This is a celebration of recycling, with this year's theme being 'The Unusual Suspects'. 

The aim of the week (12 – 21 September) is to encourage people to think about all those items that often get forgotten about when recycling at home.

Hopefully, this blog post in its own very small way will go some way to helping the week be a success. 

More info on Recycle Week 2016

Cost: Basic range pillow £2, material & thread £1
Time: A few hours of Grandma's time
Equipment: Outgrown t-shirts and a sewing machine
Boys Club Rating: The boys still love them :)

What have you upcycled? I’d love to know to give it a try…

Deb x


  1. ooo I love this idea! x

  2. Thanks! I really should make more, as it is so easy and cushions are just so comfy! The boys love them.