Disaster in the Park

Last day of the holidays. 

At the start of six-week break, it seemed to me, and the boys, like they'd last forever. But now I can't believe school starts tomorrow.

How we hadn't managed to see some of the boys' friends over the six weeks I just don't know. However, with a quick text exchange that was sorted, and a play date in the park was arranged.

It was perfect. The sun shone, the boys played together lovely - football, rounders, frisbee and in the play park. Rather than disrupting their fun to leave to eat at Sambuca Pavillion we ordered take away pizza (with a slight detour to the local shops for non-fizzy drinks).

The boys were tucking in quite happily when disaster struck ... with a pizza stealing pooch no less!

A dog, off its lead in an area next to the play park and full of children I may add, headed straight for the pizza box and ate the boys' pizza. Quite a way behind the owner eventually appeared and having done little to stop his dog devouring our food he left some money for a new pizza. Thankfully it was only the pizza the dog bit and not a child!

All in all a lovely day and we are all ready to start school tomorrow.

Cost: Takeaway pizzas + drinks - Pepperoni £4, Margarita £3
Time: 4 hours - time flew!
Equipment: Football, frisbee, rounders bat and ball, picnic blanket, flask of coffee
Boys Club Rating: It won't be too long until we are all in the Park again.

Deb x