Belly Laugh Beats Going To The Gym

Having kids definitely, widens your social circle. Much of the time it can seem like my boys have a better social life than me, however, I've been lucky enough to meet lots of mums (and dads) with whom I love spending time, catching up and having fun - both with and without the kids.

On this occasion, it was without the kids. Although the boys are now midway through primary school I still have the occasional night out with a group of mums whose only connection on the surface is that our kids went to the same nursery.

With most of our children now attending different schools, it's the parents who keep in touch, catch up on others comings and going in our lives, have a few drinks and above all else a great time. I like that through the kids I've met new people that have become friends - not just parents.

Yes, we talk about our children but once that is over we never cease to laugh and I mean great big belly laughs, the type that makes you feel like you done 200 crunches! See a night out is a good as a trip to the gym :)

Anyway this month we revisited River Beat. I say revisited as we'd been here to celebrate Christmas 2015, so you can already guess we must have liked it.

We met in The Bridge Tavern for a post work G&Ts. It was bustling with people in for after-work drinks on a sunny Friday afternoon but not so busy that your drink would spill. Just a great atmosphere to start to relax. Then we followed that with drinks at Popolo before crossing the Swing Bridge to River Beat. Popolo was always one of my favourite bars in its old location. However early on a Friday evening there weren't many people in the Quayside bar to create a buzz but that didn't stop us having a great natter.

If you haven't been to River Beat it is nestled on the south bank of the River Tyne, in an old River Police Station, overlooking Newcastle Quayside - which is literally just a couple of minutes walk away.

We hoped for a window seat but they were all reserved but we were just thankful we weren't on a high table - they are comfortable enough but not the easiest to manoeuvre on and off (especially after a drink) we'll leave them for the younger customers!

The food did not disappoint. Last time we had enjoyed (Thai) tapas and we all shared. This time, two picked mains and the other two tapas (but of course we all had a taste of everything anyway).

I deliberated over Prosecco whether to go for the Tapas which I knew was delicious or to try a Far Eastern Curry from the main menu. 

The curry won and I made a brilliant choice - River Beats spicy Thai Kelek ‘yellow boat’ salmon and tempura soft shell crab with Roti Breads. All the food was so tasty. Light but flavoursome, spicy but not burning, and beautifully presented. To read the full food review click here.

The conversation flowed all night with friendly gossip. We were in hoots of laughter about many things I can't honestly remember, but they were soooo funny at the time. Ther are many humorous blogs about how to spot a 'mum's night out' but thankfully I don't think we met any of those categories. Well not in our heads anyway.

We left River Beat very satisfied and ever so slightly full of both food and fizz, and walked back over the Swing Bridge and headed for cocktails at Tiger Hornsby. This is a very stylish bar on the Quayside, with comfy seating and a great cocktail list. Even late at night it still appears clean and fresh. There were a few people in but thankfully a table was free for us to enjoy our last drinks: Expresso Martini, & Cosmopolitans, before heading home.

A great night out :)

Cost: RiverBeat - £25 per headead. Cocktails on Quayside £7.
Time: A full evening of fun.
Equipment: Good chat, good food, plenty of drinks and good company.
Boys Club Rating: Can't come too soon. The next Mums Night Out date is in the diary.

What do you like best about a night out with friends?

Deb x

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