Trends That Might Return in 2020 – Please #StaySafeAtHome

Life changed in just one weekend. Be it work or leisure, Covid-19 or the Corona Virus didn’t discriminate, it took it all. Unless you are one of our superhero key workers, working from home, home-schooling and digital socialising is now the norm.

2020 trends #StaySafeAtHome

Please #StaySafeAtHome

I’m used to working from home, but an empty home. One that is now filled with my children. Conference calls that used to formal are now conducted with colleagues accompanied by children and pets.
I now have even more ways for people to contact me - six email addresses, two phone numbers, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Twitter DMs, a multitude of WhatsApp groups, 3 Slack accounts, Zoom, Teams, House Party, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.
These are things that new technology has enabled to happen. But the prospect of spending a few weeks or months in lockdown has got me thinking about what might return in 2020 and I asked fellow bloggers for their thoughts too.

2020 trends #StaySafeAtHome

Please Save Lives by Staying at Home

This is meant as a light-hearted post - one that by no means does not take the current situation seriously. As I write already 1 person in the UK is dying from corona virus less than every 8 minutes, so please, please, please keep safe. Stay home and keep safe, help other people keep safe if you can. Keep up to date with Covid-19 advice.
Before I write the bulk of this post, I’ve got a few things to say.
Firstly, thank you to all of the key workers from NHS staff to shelf stackers for risking your own health and lives for others. Hopefully, this will be rewarded in the future.
Secondly, if you are not a key worker and you have the means to cover your bills please do stay at home. For people yet financially unsupported during this crisis, I will continue to add my (very small) influence to the arguments. It’s not about replacing full wages but about ensuring everyone has enough to live on, keep a roof over their heads and feed their families - including unemployed people.
Thirdly, please ask for and offer support. This is something that few people will be able to survive alone.

2020 trends #StaySafeAtHome

What might return to the UK in 2020?

I grew up in the 70s and 80s – decades in which home-cut hair and home-made clothes, a culture of repair or recycle rather than replace, and no or very limited technology was the norm.
Fast forward to March 2020. My fringe is already too long, grey hair is poking through and the ends going frizzy. Everyday make-up is non-existent. Yes, we’ve got technology which is brilliant for helping us all to keep learning, but we are also playing more board games (even chess via WhatsApp with Grandad), card games (well we need lots of patience) and attempting to do jigsaws.

2020 trends #StaySafeAtHome

As some of this nostalgia is already re-appearing, I asked ten fellow bloggers what they could see trending in 2020

What will we be wearing?

Janet has been thinking about the bit in "Sound of Music" where she makes the children some play-clothes out of old curtains. Saying 
"Last year's soft furnishings could become next season's wrap-around skirt?"

Tina suggests "DIY vest tops"
This image may come in useful when spring and summer blossom 
2020 trends #StaySafeAtHome

Keeping healthy

Nicole wonders about keeping healthy 
"DIY healthcare for non-life threatening problems, because there’s no way I’m setting foot in a doctor’s office right now!” (but please consult a doctor before trying any treatment)

Will we cut our hair?

Clare predicts bowl cuts for the kids. 
"Dressing up to the hilt and going shopping in prom dresses when we are finally allowed out.’ She says ‘I'm living in loungewear and leggings right now so when I'm finally released from my padded cell I'll be donning my best dresses and heels for the school run"

Sophie says 'Au Natural Leg Hair’ 
“I have literally no need to shave because I'm spending 3 months at my house! If I do wear a summer outfit it will be in the back garden where I don't even have to worry about being overlooked by my neighbours. I apologise to my husband in advance! “

Kate agrees with more Au naturel hair, 
“Fuzzy legs, hairy pits, and a full bush - because who's going to see anything?! I've also found myself leaving the house without makeup for the first time since I've been an adult. I put it down to feeling that it's so frivolous and futile to be applying cosmetics at the moment that it's made me careless. I'd actually love to see this become a movement even after this is all done - a return to a more natural way of living, including the appearance of women.
2020 trends #StaySafeAtHome

Sarah thinks 
"Despite all of the warnings from our hairdressers, I can guarantee you the next few months are going to see an increase in the purchase of home hair-dye, hair scissors and clippers as everyone attempts to sort their own hair out! I’m already being let loose on my husband’s hair (just like 2005!) once I’m out of quarantine!"

Emma says bowl haircuts on the kids
"I mean, I am definitely getting the scissors ready for my two!! Boys hair just grows like crazy.” 

Helen also, predicts more Hairy legs?! 
“I was due to have my monthly wax yesterday and obviously that didn't happen. Maybe we could start a new trend just in time for summer when we all get our legs out. Would save a lot of bother?”

Any what about eyebrows?

Beth makes a good point about eyebrows. 
“People may go back to having actual eyebrows with hair instead of drawing them on!

2020 trends #StaySafeAtHome

I hope the better communication, community support, people looking out for those more vulnerable continues but what else do think may return this year?

Keep safe,


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2020 trends #StaySafeAtHome