30 Simple Summer Vegan & Vegetarian Salads

Salads really don’t have to be boring. There is nothing I like better on a hot sunny day than a crisp tasty salad, as either a light lunch or heartier evening meal. The weather this year has just been amazing for Britain. Some Italian friends at the weekend told me that a UK Heatwave is what everyone else in Europe calls summer – we did laugh but it’s so true.

But that doesn’t matter as this year has been a great year for experimenting with new flavours in the kitchen and here are my favourite veggie and vegan salads. They are tasty, healthy and full of flavour And I’ve also asked other food bloggers for their simple recipes … so no excuses not to have exciting salad dishes on the menu this summer.

30 Simple Summer Vegan & Vegetarian Salads

Lunch or dinner, on a swelteringly hot day, salad really doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or wilted. Full of fibre and loaded with vitamins and minerals, they can create a perfect family meal full of taste. We recently created a family feast of salad dishes to accompany homemade burgers – vegan (recipe coming soon) and meat ones to feed the whole family – and they were loved by us all.

Potato Salad

This one is nice and easy, and very quick apart from having to boil the potatoes. Simply chop and boil new potatoes or your favourite variety, once soft and cooled add mayonnaise and chopped chives – I grow mine in the garden but you can easily buy from a shop too.

Pickled radish and cucumber with ginger

This was an experiment that worked. Earlier this year I tried pickled cucumber and now I’ve added radish too. Simply thinly slice cucumber and radish and place in a bowl. Mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice, cider vinegar a pinch of salt and black pepper. Grate or finely chop ginger and add to the bowl. I do this in a tub with a bowl so I can mix thoroughly and make sure the marinade mixes with all of the slices. Although you can eat it straight away if you set it to one side for a little while the flavour will be more intense.

Sweetcorn, spring onion and red pepper with a hint of chilli

So quick and easy. Chop a red pepper into small pieces and add to a tin of sweetcorn, retaining a little of the liquid.  Season with salt, pepper and chilli flakes.

Garlic mushrooms

Stir-fry the chopped mushrooms with garlic until browned then add fresh basil before serving. I grow my own basil but shop bought fresh herbs are equally as good, and dried herbs if that is all that is available.

We also had a bowl of Olives and sun-dried tomatoes too – shop bought. 

Two other favorites of mine are a Cool Citrus Slaw and the Caprese Salad.

Food Bloggers Favourite Simple Salads

I asked food bloggers to let me know their favourite simple salads. There are so many amazing ones to try with ingredients I’ve never thought of using before. Have a look and let me know which one tempts you the most!

What is your favourite summer food?

Deb x

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  1. Thanks for including my salads Debbie. There are some wonderful ideas here!

  2. There are some lovely salad ideas here! Thanks for including my spinach citrus salad.

  3. This is just perfect for the summer we're having this year. I don't really want to eat anything other than salad - highly unusual for me. Thanks for including one of my recipes.

  4. Your Italian friends hit the nail on the head when they descrivbed our heatwave here in the UK as summer lol. Salads are perfect for this weather - nobody wants to pop the oven on when the weather is as hot as this.
    Angela x