Family Games Night Playing Quirky & Baffled with Our Tweens (REVIEW)

Friday night is often family games night in our house. I’m a big fan of board games so I’m really pleased that my tweens seem to have my enthusiasm for them too. They like card games, board games as well as computer games, and I love how they all provide the opportunity to spend some quality family time together, creating important bonds and memories. Have to admit, we (I) do get a little bit too competitive at times though!

Review of Baffled and Quirky board games
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Recently Cheatwell Games asked us to review two of their games so last Friday night that’s exactly what we did. We played Baffled – a memory game; and Quirky – a quiz with no answers.

Family Games Night Playing Quirky & Baffled with Our Tweens


Review of Baffled and Quirky board games

Baffled is a board game that says you need the memory of an elephant.

Inside the box is a board, four counters, 12 picture tiles with covers and 28 baffle cards. To play you place the tiles, uncovered, on the spaces on the board, all players then have 1 minute to memorize the locations before they are covered up, then as you throw a dice to move around the board you have to recall where certain symbols are. 

Review of Baffled and Quirky board games

Review of Baffled and Quirky board games

Sounds fairly easy until you then realise that during many of each player's goes they are actually swapping, the still covered up tiles around, so after a few moments no-one has any idea where they are. I say no-one, I meant the adults, as the children seem very capable of remembering! Each player starts with a maximum of seven lives – you can change this to make the game shorter if you wish. Each time you get an answer wrong you lose a life, or if you ask a question and it is answered correctly. The only player with lives left is the winner.

Review of Baffled and Quirky board games

Review of Baffled and Quirky board games

What can I say it was fun, encourages concentration and strategic thinking It was quick and simple to set up, the pieces are very sturdy and robust, the rules are easy to understand and its fun for all ages. We played it a few times over the weekend. I still haven’t managed to win but I’m sure we’ll be playing it plenty more times yet.

It is aimed at those aged 8 and over and can be played by 2-4 players.

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Review of Baffled and Quirky board games

Quirky is a quiz game without any answers!

Inside the box is a timer, a dice and 288 question cards, each with four questions. 

Review of Baffled and Quirky board games

To play you roll the dice (1-4) then the questioner asks you all the questions of that number on the cards within the timeframe. You can answer anything but others players can challenge of they think yours is incorrect or a lie. We played this at home but I’m sure it would be great in the car too.

Review of Baffled and Quirky board games

Review of Baffled and Quirky board games

It is a fast-moving, quick-thinking, game. It’s simple to follow and great for getting us and the boys thinking. My eldest was especially good at bluffing and challenging and also making up plausible answers to questions he really didn’t know the answers too. If you're a very competitive family, this could lead to a few arguments though but it was fun and again we’ve already played it a few times. It’s aimed at those aged 10 and over but my nearly nine-year old loved it too. It can be played with 3 or more players so you have a questioner, answerer and at least one challenger.

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Cheatwell GamesCheatwell Games was founded back in 1986 and started out producing board games but now has a reputation for the design and development of innovative toys, puzzles and gifts, and understanding what it takes to have a fun time and goes out of its way to create it.

Which would you play Baffled or Quirky?

Deb x

Disclosure: We were sent complimentary copies of the Baffled and Quirky games in return for an honest review.

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Review of Baffled and Quirky board games