Win the New Fidget Toy in our MOKURU (REVIEW)

Earlier this year you may have read about MOKURU - The Latest Fidget Toy Craze from Japan. My Boys Club has now teamed up with MOKURU to offer three lucky readers the opportunity to win their very own Japanese balance toy in our giveaway. And just to let you know this post also includes an affiliate link.

Win the New Fidget Toy in our MOKURU Giveaway

So what is this new toy? 

  • MOKURU is a Japanese balance toy that tests the concentration and hand-eye coordination skills for individuals of all ages.
  • It's a desk toy and a gadget that aims to keep hands busy and minds restful. 
  • It has a simple design, less than 10cm long, cylindrical, and not much bigger than a lipstick or packet of sweets.
  • It is made from beech wood and you can flip it, roll it and do tricks with it. 
  • Always the same length and weight it comes in 7 different colours. Black (Genbu), Green (Matcha), Orange (Kirin), White (Byakko), Red (Suzaku), Blue (Seiryu) and Yellow (Inazuma). 

Win the New Fidget Toy in our MOKURU Giveaway

We've had lots of fun playing with our - watch My Boys try it out here ...

For everything, you need to know about MOKURU check out our full review.

MOKURU is available from AMAZON. As ever there are lots of fakes available but only MOKURU is the real one which has been designed and engineered to ensure perfect balance and is made from good quality materials.

Have you played with a MOKURU yet?

Deb x

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  1. This would be a japanese toy. lol I lived in Japan for a long time so I know they come up with quirky stuff like this :)

  2. Price $750 AUD per person min 4 people shared room.