Why I'm voting for my children's future in the General Election

I wasn't going to write a political blog post. In fact, I'm not writing a party political blog post but instead why I'm voting for my children's future.

This is a 'family lifestyle' blog and there is nothing bigger happening in my life at the moment than the UK General Election and what it could potentially mean to the futures of my boys.

The UK General Election on June 8 2017 - Why I'm voting for my children's future.

Please Vote

I totally believe in voting. I totally believe it does, and can make a difference - even when you are in a constituency that has voted the same way forever. Voting is giving you a stake in society. The least it can do for you is let you have your say.

I voted as soon as I could when I was 18 - it was European Parliament elections. I studied politics at A-Level - it's down to that and The West Wing that I have a decent understanding of the American political system. I still love watching House of Cards and Spin - I love political dramas.

I didn't join a political party until after the Brexit vote last year. But although I've always been interested in politics, it took the result of the referendum to drive me to join a party.

However, this general election is not fiction. It's reality and the result will shape the lives of my boys, so this is why I'm voting for their future.

8 Reasons Why I'm Voting For My Boys Future


I want them to live in a world where we have decent and honest people making decisions about our lives. Not everyone wants to be or is able to take public office and be an MP and I respect those people who do. But I want my boys to be represented by people doing it for the right reasons. I don't want them to have to work out who is lying, who had an agenda that is not their future and who are decent people - no matter what their political persuasion.


I want them to receive a full education at their local school. I don't want them to be tied to their desks, taking more and more tests from an early age that do nothing for their development. I want them to learn about life - enjoy sport, culture, the arts, make lasting friendships and above all have fun and enjoy their childhood.


I want them to enjoy the further education path they choose, whether this is an apprenticeship or a university degree, but based on which path is right for them rather than which they can afford.


I want them to live in a community that cares. Cares about everyone not just the rich. Those that are vulnerable, in need, requiring help at some point in their lives. I want them to live in a society that welcomes and celebrates difference, focuses on strengths, not weaknesses and have empathy with each member of society.


I want them to have a future. Live in a world that is doing what it can to address climate change. A society that cares about the future of the planet ahead of organisations bank balances.


I want them to live in a country where if they are ill they will receive top quality medical care, which isn't dependent on their postcode or their ability to pay. Where if they choose to be nurses or doctors they will work in an NHS that is supported and funded and leaves its staff to get on with the very reason they chose that profession.


I don't want to be a burden on them when I am old. I have no doubt they will love me and want to care for me but I want to live in a world where our older folk are respected and looked after. I don't want them to have to give up their futures for mine.


I want to be able to tell them when they are older that at least I tried to vote for their future.

So please vote. 
Please read the manifestos. 
Please read the policies. 
Listen to the politicians speak. 
Hear their words. 
Think about the future and then vote.

Thank you for reading,

Deb x


  1. This is my favourite of your posts. It's sooo important. Well done you for saying it.

  2. George RhymesJune 07, 2017

    Brilliant post Deb. Agree with absolutely everything you say here! Xx

  3. This election more than any other, we need to think beyond our own thoughts and think of others first and foremost. Great post.

  4. You make a really good argument for voting, it is so important and I'm super thankful to my husband who helped me learn that quite soem years back now. Mich x