Our Five Favourite Breads We Can't Wait to Bake

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We love bread in our house. I have posted before about re-discovering our breadmaker that had been lurking at the back of a cupboard. Now that I’ve found the time to get back into home-baking, I’ve decided it is also time to look for a new bread machine – one that’s not 15 years old!

As I’ve said we love bread of all types and I’ve been really impressed by the bread machine recipes by Panasonic. Whether it’s a veggie sausage sarnie, soda bread with homemade soup, a wholemeal crusty loaf, croissants, wraps or buns for our homemade burgers, it all gets eaten in our house.

With these new bread machines, I don't think home baking has ever been easier. It's certainly not as difficult as it looks on Bake Off! From brioche, teacakes, pizza, ciabatta, lemon drizzle cake, soda bread, to strawberry jam – yes strawberry jam! (I’ll have to try that in the summer once our strawberries have grown in the garden) - there are so many different things that you can make in a breadmaker.

I love my granary loaves but this is our top five types of bread that we can’t wait to bake in a breadmaker …

Hot Cross Buns

Until I’d read about the new machines, I hadn’t thought of making my own Hot Cross Buns. I’ve still got a few weeks to perfect them before Easter, and I think the boys will love putting the crosses on top!

Sweet Potato Bread

We have really gotten into sweet potato recently – we spiralize this vegetable, have them as fries and adore it made into soup, but I’ve never added it to bread. Definitely, one we’ll be trying!

Pizza Dough

Friday night, more often than not, is pizza night in our house. The whole family eats together while watching a film or playing board games. We haven’t moved on to making our own pizzas yet – only the toppings – this may now change.

Pitta Bread

The boys love wraps in their packed lunches but I’ve never thought of making our own pitta bread. Perfect for summer picnics or to dip in hummus and chocolate hummus too!

Spinach Muffins

One of our favourite adult brunch options is to have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. The next time we indulge I’m going to try making spinach muffins to go with it. They sound delicious.

What type of bread is your favourite?

Deb x


  1. Oh my goodness homemade hot cross buns sounds divine! I had never thought of making those myself either but they sound delicious!