A Tasty Treat on Newcastle Quayside: Vujon (REVIEW)

It only took a few moments, for me to say yes to an invitation to sample the new menu at Vujon. One of my favourite Indian restaurants in Newcastle. 

We didn't have a childminder so hubby missed out on this treat, but not to worry a friend accompanied me to taste the delights. Handily, she is also a meat eater, so could review the meat dishes for me.

Over a welcome drink, we chatted to the host, other bloggers and journalists and had a good catch up too. Our sons are at school together but we don't always have time for a proper chat, so the evening was sure to be enjoyable in more ways than one.

Located on Newcastle’s historic and lively quayside, Vujon is one of the city’s longest established restaurants, which takes pride in creating high quality, contemporary Indian cuisine.

The name 'Vujon' comes from the Sanskrit word 'BHOJON' which means a gourmet dinner and the restaurant says it aims to offer guests an exceptional dining experience in its welcoming, elegant surroundings, located over two floors.

We were seated and after poppadoms, which had just the right amount of crunch, our starters, immaculately presented, Angari Tikka, Kathi Kebab and Veg Pakora arrived on the table.

Starters included:
  • ANGARI TIKKA - Boneless Chicken breast cooked in clay oven, marinated in yoghurt, chilli, and garlic and seasoned with herb and home-made spices.
  • KATHI KEBAB - Diced tender roast lamb, tossed with onions and tomatoes, well spiced, served in butter chapati.
  • VEG PAKORA - Fresh vegetable mixed with onions deep fried in gram flour batter

As a non-meat eater, I was presented with Veg Pakora and Achari Paneer which had just the right amount of spice. I don't usually choose a cheese dish but after sampling this dish I think I may be doing so in the future.

  • VEG PAKORA - Fresh vegetable mixed with onions deep fried in gram flour batter
  • ACHARI PANEER - Cubes of Indian cheese, marinated with yoghurt and mixed pickle, slowly cooked in the tandoori oven.

Before the main courses were served the chef proudly told us about the new dishes they were trialling and about the origins of the ingredients and recipes. Traditional Indian dishes including Murgh Makhani Delhi Style, Murgh Tawa Fry, and Railway Lamb Curry. 



Main courses:
  • MURGH MAKHANI DELHI STYLE - Diced chicken breast cooked in dried fenugreek flavoured tomato and onion sauce.
  • MURGH TAWA FRY - Breast of chicken cooked with onion, capsicum to a medium strength.
  • RAILWAY LAMB CURRY - Lamb cooked with potatoes flavoured with Garam Masala and black pepper
Accompanied by TARKARI HANDI - Seasonal vegetables with peppers, cumin and crushed peppercorn, rice and naan bread.

The overwhelming response from my dining companions was that each dish was very tasty, succulent meats in non-greasy, fresh sauces with just the right amount of spice. The rice and vegetable dishes that accompanied the mains were also cooked to perfection.

As I eat fish a dish was specially prepared for me, Bengal fish curry, served with a Dall and Chatri as tasty accompaniments. The fish curry was delicious, a whole fillet immersed in a tangy, tasty sauce. My meat-eating friends also tried it and said they could easily see themselves ordering that in the future.

  • BENGAL FISH CURRY - Tilapia fish cooked Bengal style with fresh spices. A dish from the region of Bay of Bengal.
  • CHATRHI - Fresh mushroom cooked with medium spices and onions.
  • DALL OF THE DAY - Massor, Mung, Chuna or Khaser.

Fully satisfied at this time there was still more to come as we were treated to our choice of an Indian sweet as well as dessert. The Pistachio Kulfi was the perfect way to end a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Had it not been a school night, we may have been tempted to stay out and find somewhere else to party, however, we instead headed home planning on the way our next trip to Vujon to try the new menu or indeed celebrate Xmas.

Vujon is a family run, I hadn't realised that one of my boys' nursery teachers was involved with the restaurant and recognised me. My boys had always liked her and I knew they'd be thrilled to know I’d bumped into her again.

COST: We were invited to review the dishes on the new menu for free however the first new early evening menu offers two courses for £12.90 per person is available until 13 November 2016.
LOCATION: Newcastle's historic quayside
BOYS CLUB RATING: Quality of the food and service is excellent. Still one of my favourites.

For more information visit VUJON

Have you been to Vujon recently? Let me know what you thought.

Deb x

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