My Boys Tech Club - Bad Piggies

My boys were so happy when they got their own Amazon Fire tablets earlier this year. 

Unsurprisingly they love playing games on them as well as anything vaguely educational. 

So to kick start My Boys Tech Club my nine-year-old wants to tell you why he loves BAD PIGGIES with his top 5 facts.

1. Bad Piggies is a game where you have to do levels with carts to get to the finish line.

2. To do this you have to make your own carts out of boxes, metal, wood, propellers, fans, balloons, wheels, lights, TNT, plunger guns - then you press a tick to make the cart go all the way along to the end of a predefined track.

3. Bad Piggies are characters from Angry Birds and they try to steal eggs from Angry Birds. This is a game just about Bad Piggies and there are lots of different types from a plain pig to a zombie pig, viking and a clown pig. It's funny to play, I found the first levels are easy but then it gets harder.

4. I really like playing it because every day you get three sets of boxes as a bonus and you can get different costumes and pigs. In the boxes if you are lucky you can get bolts - get enough of them and you can get different element levels. The more you play the more elements you can unlock.

5. It does include adverts for other games but they don't bother us - actually, it lets us know about games we don't have.

Cost: Game free to download. 
Time: Endless hours of fun.
Boys Club Rating: 4.5 out of 5

What would you like My Boys to review?

Deb x

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