Welcome to My Boys Club. Life is all about living, dreaming, doing, seeing and making things and that is what this blog is about. Sometimes it's just me, sometimes with family and other times with friends.

Why My Boys Club?

I am lucky enough to be the only female in a family of boys (husband plus two children aged 7 & 9). 

When I am away for work they call that time "Boys Club" and when I'm at home I'm part of it too and it becomes My Boys Club! 

It's not about gender, it's about living, dreaming, learning, doing things, making things and above all enjoying life ... together.

Oh and one of my favourite colours is turquoise - makes me think about the coast and the sea :)

So really what I'm saying is that it's about appreciating what you have and making the most of it.

I am an entrepreneur, wife, mother to two boys, sister, friend and daughter, and together with my friends and family, we make the most of what we have.

This blog encompasses all parts of my life - let me know what you think :)

PS And yes I'm PR & Marketing friendly - as a PR, Marketing & Comms Professional I understand the value and hope we can work together for mutual benefit :)


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buzzoole code

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